What a surprise; ignorant ass thinks only his religion is true

It still amazes me how people with absolutely no knowledge about anything objectively real can be so casually arrogant and claim to know everything. Dr. Zakir Naik is one of India’s most prominent Islamic scholars, and if that’s true, it’s a sad testament to how intellectually devoid the entire movement is. Is he really trying to use math to suggest that his retarded beliefs are correct, while the other equally stupid beliefs out there are wrong? I also love how supremely confident he is that Islam is the only true religion. What’s his proof? Have you learned nothing in your months of coming on this site? No one needs proof when they believe in religion; they just need to have faith!

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    It is so cool that atheists don’t believe that only they are correct.

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    Thinking that one religion or non-religion is correct isn’t ignorant, is it? How can you believe otherwise? How can you believe that multiple religions, which are easily contradictory, are correct?

    However, it IS ignorant to claim that you know with certainty that you’re right and everyone else is wrong, and it IS ignorant to try and prohibit other religions or non-religions from existing based on that.

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    Response to makarios:

    While some atheists certainly believe that only they are correct, there are a few important distinctions.

    First, not all atheists believe that they are certainly correct. Atheism means lack of belief in God. One can lack a positive belief in God and also believe that we cannot be sure one way or the other. In other words, it is possible to be an agnostic atheist.

    Second, atheism is not a religion or faith. We are not telling you that you need to believe or act a certain way to have eternal life. Our “belief” is merely an absence of your belief.

    Third, most atheists believe that all religious persons should have the freedom to worship as they please (so long as it is not forced on non-believers). Muslims that prohibit the propogation of other religions do not believe this.

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    This video made me hang my head in shame for the entire human race.

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    I just finished watching the “Hitchens, Harris and Dennett destroy D’Souza, Wright, and some other dude no one cares about” vid

    I would have liked to show this video and ask the religious side, as well as wright, “How can we prevent this from happening?”


    As for Allison’s comment about hanging her head in shame for the human race – I did not think of that till now…thanks for the pessimism girl! 😛 not (sarcasm in text form work this comment?)

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    The guy is complete jackass and it’s really pathetic that majority Muslims in India have become this guy’s fanatic followers. He wears the facade of a moderate secular Muslim in a largely secular India but when he goes out of India to mainly Muslim countries he starts his real agenda being “Islam is better than other religions”

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    i sorta agree with the guy in the video.
    if you believe your bullshit is the real thing why would you want to propagate other forms of bullshit.
    If christians had it their way they would do the exact same thing

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    I have to agree with this guy too – if you live in a country where state and religion are one and like the moderator said every religious person knows his religion is the right one – how could you possibly allow other religions in this kind of country?

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    This guy made my ears bleed. WTF! Nothing he said made any sense!

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