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So, according to this guy, atheists are a plague; a bunch of unimaginative accountants of rationalism, unable to appreciate the beauty of a Picasso because we have yet to surrender our reason to dogma. Likewise, the audience that Greg Craven tries to appeal to (disgruntled Catholics who feel attacked by “new atheists”) believe every single nonbeliever is a crusty curmudgeon hell bent on ruining everyone’s “good times”.

One thing I find particularly irritating is the baseless claim we nonbelievers are unimaginative; lacking poetic resolve and supposedly unable to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. I would argue the exact opposite; we don’t feel any need to invoke the supernatural to appreciate the power and subtle elegance of nature. The very fact that we are able to appreciate this beauty fills me with awe, but it doesn’t suddenly make me foolish enough to credit an imaginary friend for its existence.

The author no doubt feels as though his specific religion (Catholicism) is being targeted, but I assure you most atheists are equal opportunity anti-theists. Sure, we may seem like party poopers once in a while, but you haven’t exactly had the best record, religion. Just look at African countries like Nigeria, where deadly traditions of witchcraft and Old Testament dogma have resulted in the death and torture of thousands of children suspected of being witches. Do these tortured children worry about the poetic virtues of faith, or are they more consumed with the business of escaping from religious wackos?

Be sure to check out the comment section, where Greg is taken to task for being yet another Catholic crying foul. So sorry we think your religion is total bullshit, Greg. It’s nothing personal, I assure you. Your beliefs are antiquated, embarrassingly base, and have no foundation in reality. Catholicism is nothing more than primitive mythology taken literally, and so long as you continue to believe in miracles, transubstantiation, and the infallibility of the Pope, “crusty” atheists like myself will be there to remind you that an illiterate Jew 2000 years ago was not a God, and was certainly not the final authority of mankind. I might also need to remind you Santa Claus is also a myth. Man, I’m such a bummer!

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    Does Santa Claus cover up child abuse as well?

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    When you can’t use logic or reality against us, mindless personal attacks usually follow.

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    Great, but I couldn’t help noticing that most of the comments were from polite and civil atheists who ripped the article to shreds on it’s many errors, and the comments are now closed, but then the catholic church has a long history of covering up it’s mistakes.

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    I just find it odd that this person says we don’t appreciate beauty or poetry when most of the people I’ve shared the most beautiful things in nature, like Astronomy and Biology- are ATHEISTS. Most of the people who stare up at a star-lit sky never see the true beauty because they are too busy giving credit to some being who “created” it all. They never look deeper than that. If I am thankful for anything today, it’s for the ability to look further, deeper into nature, to see the science, and the cosmos, and for the mind capable of understanding it, as much as anyone can…

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    I think the author also glossed over just conflicted a donomination Catholicism is. It’s a much easier target than say a poor inner city church or some forsaken group of rednecks up in the hills.

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    There was a great response to Greg’s article in the herald the day after by Michael Brull:

    A reasoned, sensible piece, not a hate-filled rant like Mr Craven’s.

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    Didn’t Douglas Adams say, “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

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    I think Atheists can be plenty imaginative and un-stuffy. I happen to love horror movies, ghosts, witches, mythological stories, all that stuff. Unlike someone who’s religious though… I can enjoy it for what it is, stories crafted from the wild imagination of human kind. I don’t have to draw parallels between some sort of “real ghosts” vs. “movie ghosts” or “real witches” vs. “storybook witches”. It’s all fantasy and I can enjoy it as such.

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    Isn’t it great to see someone just put together a huge rant of petty snipes and jeers then end with “At the bottom, of course, lies hate.” – the delicious irony.

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    Gordon Borland

    Potatobug Totaly agree with u

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