Get your shit together, Ontario

I hate quackery. There’s something so depressingly stupid about alternative medicine, and this insanity is compounded by the fact so many people believe in its efficacy. Of course, these are the same folks who probably think an invisible man in the sky can grant them wishes, so it’s a testament to human gullibility.

According to this article in the National Post, Ontario is about to pass a bill that would include naturopaths as primary care givers. These deluded idiots believe they can raise the body’s natural ability to heal itself with the manipulation of energies, the imbibing of homeopathic “remedies”, chiropractic adjustments, etc… Basically they are a one stop shop for bullshit.

This bill would allow them the same rights that BC naturopaths enjoy; the right to prescribe drugs. You might as well give a bunch of monkeys with rabies prescription pads; this is quite literally one of the most irresponsible things I’ve ever heard. Who in their right minds would give these clowns any rights other than the right to go fuck themselves?

I urge everyone living in Ontario to do something about this. Also if you’re Canadian and you’re a skeptic, have you heard of Skeptic North (until about 15 minutes ago, neither did I, so go check them out)? As for letting your representatives know you think this naturopath business is entirely unacceptable, here are some emails for you to lambaste them. Deb Matthews (Ontario Minister of Health) Dalton McGuinty (Premier of Ontario)

(props to James for the find)

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    What year is it again? If this stuff actually worked then do you think we’d have as many hospitals as we do? Someone dropped the logic ball with that one.

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    Why do they need to prescribe drugs?

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    Dalton McGuinty is the biggest douche ever, I never like him and he has basically fucked up everything he has done. He also has a Bsc. in Biology, and you would think that he would have some common sense. But he probably got the degree doing “biological experiments” with his professor. aka taking it in the pooper as an anatomy credit.

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    I’m in Vancouver, and every day I hear radio ads for homeopathic cold & flu remedies…. These ads are targeted towards parents of young children. “Heal your child’s cold symptoms with homeopathic blah blah blah….” Scary stuff.

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