TGA Podcast: Episode 71

After a few days of rest (I believe some people refer to this as a ‘vacation’) TGA is back to regular podcasting. This week, Ryan and I talk about cool angel names, crazy creationist Turks, and why old people still control the world. It’s 33 minutes of your favorite atheist podcast, and remember, if you can’t get enough of the show, we do have a bonus podcast for members only. It’s only 1.67 a month, and it helps us to keep doing what we do, so consider becoming a patron of the site!

**NOTE** How terrible is my geography? I confused Turkey with Egypt. Officially my most hilarious blunder.

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    Dam you, I was enjoying the show when you just had to enlighten me about the state of my countries rate of acceptance of evolution. I understand that the situation is bad in USA or Turkey, but not Lithuania. I’m in despair now. Ignorance of my countrymen left me in despair!!!

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    Hey guys, I’m from Turkey, I don’t like Adnan Oktar, his creationist books and things he does to promote his cult; I even presented a paper at MIT last year on the issue. So thanks for bringing this up.

    But please, you just mixed some facts about Turkey, not only the Egypt stuff. It had never had kings – the Ottoman Empire had sultans. It had never had a war with Israel, in fact it is one of the major allies of Israel in the region. Despite the problems with the official position of the army it is not a military junta.

    After a quick search I realized you had some posts on the country before. I know most of the topics and I can assure you there has been strong local reactions on these.

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree that there are problems in the country, also there are extremists, but please, be fair, do your critiques based on facts and please do not generalize individual cases to the whole country and its people. It would just weaken your credibility and the position of local critiques like yourselves here in Turkey.

    PS: Oh, by the way, if the facts say that it is a general problem, please hit it as strong as you can!

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