TGA Podcast: Episode 70 1/2

After a brief ‘vacation’, Ryan and I are back, and this week we’ll be talking about a terrible Times Online article that blames Darwin for every conceivable crime known to man (well, practically), and for those of you who enjoyed the last free show, we’ll also be talking a little bit more about the role of language in determining thought!

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    Wish #1
    message boards where members could start their own discussions
    Wish #2
    Hot Atheist Chick of the day/week/ or month

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    A better layout overall would be nice, like maybe a tab with all your shows in a grid layout, because like you mentioned the stuff get buried. It would also be nice if you did like a question/comment of the day in the podcasts. I don’t know how many of those you guys get, hopefully enough to have at least one a week, but it would be a cool way to involve the community. And more of Mr. Jones would be awesome.

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    With regards to the language discussion, I agree that language is plastic and it changes over time. But you need to go easy on the extreem point of view Jacob. It seems that you’ve started reading a language book and now you’re saying “no child needs to be taught anything about language and all words are ok to use in any context because language over time will adapt”.

    It’s perfectly reasonable to resist “corruption” of language by people using incorrect words or abusing the meaning of words. Yes.. language is instinctual. Yes.. the emotional content behind the meaning of language is the same no matter what words you use. But maintaining a level of consistency in our words and grammar is required because words are literally the only way we can communicate with our fellow human beings.

    Saying that we must maintain a ridged language is incorrect because obviously it evolves over time.

    But saying that language is instinctual and therefore any use of it is always correct. Is moving the scale in the complete opposite direction and is equally incorrect.

    It’s certainly interesting that language is instinctual.. but that doesn’t instantly make all language or abuse of language as justified as the underlying emotions behind it.

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