Leave that Turtle alone!

With all the Jesus sightings in cheese sandwiches, tree stumps, old chocolate, and stained glass, you might be tempted to think that Christians have a monopoly on “crazy”. Luckily, every other religion is equally embarrassing, and the latest story of human stupidity comes from a small east Indian village, where the local populace has kidnapped a turtle claiming it’s one of their Hindu gods, Lord Jagannath.

As you can see from the picture, they sort of do look a little similar, without the gigantic paper crown and hideous dresses of course. Turtles are a protected species in India, and the government is trying to resolve the situation without throwing everyone’s ass in jail. I might suggest showing up with a couple books on skepticism and science. They quite obviously need it!

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    man, i want a god that looks like a character from hello kitty.

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    That’s a sweet looking turtle!

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    I’m almost surprised that other religions haven’t caught onto this sort of thing (or maybe I’m just behind the times). Do correct me if I’m wrong but i think that Hinduism perceives cows to be sacred. Who’s to say someone won’t kidnap a cow and start praying to it, or saying “Hey God look at me! I’m looking after a cow, a holy creature! *hint hint – reward me – hint hint*”

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