Witch doctors tell population to slaughter albinos for organ harvesting

Ever knock on wood, or refuse to walk under a ladder? How many of you would never rent an apartment on the 13th floor, or own a black cat? Most of us think superstitions are fairly harmless, but only because we don’t take them too seriously. In countries like Tanzania and Burundi, however, crazy superstition (when will the world learn, Stevie Wonder?) is on the loose.

It seems as though witch doctors have been encouraging the local population to find and slaughter albinos, whose organs they believe have magical properties. That’s right, dozens of people have already been killed in this nightmare, and these sick witch doctors are profiteering from their slaughter.

So next time some douchebag tries to tell you superstitions are harmless, send them over to this website. Does anyone else feel entirely distressed at how stupid and backwards we all are?

(props to the Examiner for the story)

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    Yeah, superstitions are stupid, but that one about not walking under ladders makes sense, because if you walk under a ladder it could fall on you! It’s not very likely, but that one is a real hazard.

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    William W. Wexler

    The next thing you know the GOP will be trying to add the Xtian version of this to the health care bill.

    DOH! They already did… a provision that says you can be prayed over and it will be covered! But no abortions, by Gawd!

    Here’s a topical joke my friend Emo Philips told the other day: You might be a redneck if you see an albino and think, “That’s too much of a good thing.”

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