More child abuse from Catholic priests

I don’t know about you, but I’m scared to death of religious cops. I get the feeling these devotees will put their faith before their duty. Take the case of Father Bernard Cloutier: back in 1983, he was being charged with the sexual assault of 5 boys. During the police investigation, his superior, Bishop Dionne, barged in and privately met with each boy while the police meekly waited for these “interviews” to be over. They seemed completely oblivious to the fact something fishy was going on when the charges were suddenly dropped, and the lead detective didn’t think any of this was unusual (he actually claims “it’s just the way things happen sometimes.”).

A little while later, Father Cloutier was quietly moved to another parish, and it wasn’t until 2007 that his victims again decided to seek justice for their abuse. A judge recently foundĀ Bishop Dionne had thwarted the investigation back in 1983, but considering this corrupt and evil old man is now 90 years old, it’s unlikely he’ll be facing much prison time.

I find it incredible no one is commenting on the fact this is not at all an isolated incident. How many times have these familiar events taken place? Hundreds of times, at the very least. How many lives ruined, how many families destroyed by these sick predators and the institution that endlessly protects them from justice? To you Catholics out there, can I ask you honestly how many raped kids it takes before you tell these religious scumbags to go fuck themselves? Is a few thousand not enough?

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    It’s a stupid horrible Irony that the Catholics claim to save eternal lives, but actually ruin lives. I think if a religion has been causing this kind of sadness and mental damage in thousands of lives, it should become abolished.

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    You’ll enjoy this debate then, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen fry giving the Catholics a sound beating. Note the before and after voting.

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    Yes the child abuse that took place in the church was horrific. It was almost like a holocaust of sorts. Makes me sick. Imagine being a lifelong Catholic with a whole family history in the church, then being told many priests were raping kids throughout your childhood (thank God none at my parish). The whole thing has been heartbreaking for myself and my family. We can’t imagine the pain and suffering and CONFUSION the poor victims endured. Their lives were RUINED by the people they should have been able to trust the most! It really infuriates me. But what can I do? Cease to be a Catholic because 4% percent of priests were criminal deviants? Yes 4% is a LOT, but that still leaves 96% who were good, loving, honest, God fearing men who didn’t take advantage of their positions. In my heart of hearts I cannot condemn my whole church for the indiscretions of a few. Hopefully these wounds will heal for all involved one day.

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    “took place”? Since all the facts are have not been presented your claim that 4% is most likely low. How can we be sure that it is not still happening? When the upper echelon of the Church is covering up facts and actions of their “priest”, can we truly trust that any specific priest is “good, loving, honest, God fearing men”?

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    Mark, I don’t think that it’s so much that anyone is doing those terrible things, in any group of people, there are bound to be SOME bad apples, SOME pedophiles, no matter who you look at. Catholics, baptists, Buddhists, Jews, atheists, pagans (take your pick) etc. It’s going to happen. The bigger issue is how the Church tries to cover it up when it does happen. So many times when it’s discovered that a molestation has taken place, the church just moves and hides the priest and tries to make light of it. What should happen is for them to outright remove these people, to turn them into the police and NOT convince authorities to drop the charges. Yes, I believe in second chances and forgiveness (on some levels), but these people need to face their charges and be shown you can’t get away with ruining children’s lives just because you are part of the church. Articles like this don’t necessarily mean for you to leave your religion, but to make it’s leaders TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

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