Another victory for science

Remember the story of Daniel Hauser? His parents refused to give him chemotherapy because of their New Age beliefs, and the courts had to step in and force them to finish giving him his treatments. At first, they tried running away from the law, but they were caught shortly after (it’s harder than you think to go on the lamb!).

I’m happy to report that Daniel now appears to be cancer free. It’s a miracle! Well, actually it’s entirely because of modern medical science, but I digress. Thanks to the judgement of far more rational people than his dumbass parents, Daniel has a new lease on life. Now, whether or not he chooses to believe in the same bullshit they do when he’s 18 is his choice, but at least he’ll live long enough to be able to make that decision himself.

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    A win for science, a fail for religion! 🙂

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    A doctor’s first duty is to their patient, although i believe it’s not essential to take the Hypocratic Oath anymore (at least not in the UK), they are to keep someone alive at all reasonable costs. Just because this boy is under 18, how much notice should the health professionals take of the parents in a case like this?

    Not to be ‘biased’ by my beliefs of course….

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    Glad to see this little man is on the mend. Thank God for modern science, all created by the minds of men, with God’s full permission. 🙂

    I wouldn’t call the parents “dumbasses” though. What is with all the vitriol? Are you angry or just animated? 😉


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    A win for science, a fail for religion? Unfortunately I doubt it.

    Who is going to be convinced by this?

    Theists who believe in prayer over reality will find some way to explain this, as any believer in any quack therapy is able to do. You know the sort of thing: the prayer worked, the chemo’ just happened to coincide with the recovery.

    More reality based theists will say that these parents didn’t hear god properly (maybe the devil tricked them, or they read from the wrong holy book, or whatever) and that their god made sure that people moved in to save the boy from his parents — thus not only removing their god from blame, but give him credit for saving the boy!

    Remember: these are people who see a hurricane kill tens of thousands of people, then praise god and call it a miracle when one child is found alive days later.

    Anyway… must go now… someone else on the internet is wrong and I have to correct them too… 🙂

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    Great news for rationality and Daniel. Were the parents send up the creek? Or is the jury (sic) still out on them?

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