The RIGHT way to beat your wife?

I love how this guy says that for some women, the only way they will “learn” is by his so-called “light beatings”. I know what you’re wondering ladies: is this hot piece of man-meat single, or does he already have a lucky little lady at home just waiting for him to rain down punches of love in her face? Someone this special doesn’t stay single very long!

The most common reasons for beatings? Independent thought…

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    Reason number 118 to hate religion: Wife Beating STILL allowed, even in these times.

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    The term “light beating” is kept very vague.

    They would seem to have you believe it’s a light touch that doesn’t cause pain, but just reminds the woman. I really doubt that’s what they meant by light beating though. I’m guessing they are saying smack her a couple times.

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    Razzle, one of them defined “light beatings” as those that leave no marks or broken bones. Not sure where they came up with that, but what fucking religion actually bothers to classify allowable beatings.

    This dogma cycles so far back into the history of Islam, and will continue forward into the millenia. To any woman born into that world, you have my deepest sympathy.

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    6:58 gets to the point…either the Koran is wrong or beatings are allowed.

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    Yeah I noticed that too, Charlie.

    “Either the Koran is wrong or beatings are allowed, which is it:

    a) Beatings are allowed, now take your beating woman!
    b) The Koran is wrong, Infidel!!!! Now, I most beat you to death!”

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    On my planet, assault is assault. Beat your spouse, go to jail. No more, “Do you want to press charges?” You are off to the slammer.

    Take your Sharia Law and insert it where allah gave you a receptacle for just such an item.

    A wife beater is simply a coward. Women in the west have let their opinions be known by cutting off sexual organs of sleeping offenders, setting couch potato fires or simply blowing them away with the offenders favourite firearm.

    Can the mis-treated women of Islam be far away?

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    Why don’t these psychopaths realize how *sick and twisted* it is to want to control somebody else so completely???

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    Lauren @ LifeStyler

    This video makes me sick to my stomach. The only reason they don’t see how twisted and fucked up it is, is because they don’t want to. In their world, they’re the masters of the universe and they don’t want to lose control of the power they wield simply by being a man.

    @ Mark — I agree. I feel the deepest sympathy for women born into that completely barbaric world.

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    Jessica Sideways

    This is one of the many, many reasons I find religion so deplorable…

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    Quite terrible of course – but let’s be equal opportunity haters too.

    White ‘working class’ America has its festering boils to be lanced.

    Wicked satire here by Sacha Baren Cohen using his Borat character (before he had a movie career, and was a UK TV concern).

    “Throw the jew down the well”. (nb – SBC is Jewish himself).

    Quite right that the plank in others eyes should be pointed out, but the woodshop in one’s own should not be ignored.

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