TGA Podcast: Episode 70

After breaking a total of 100 shows so far (fans will recognize an in-joke here), we took a little week break while we were busy filming a pilot for a TV show. Well, we’re back to regular podcasting, and this week I asked my buddy Jeff to come talk to us about Mainers voting to prevent gays from marrying. Also on the show, I’ll be talking about Steven Pinker’s book, The Language Instinct.

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    ZOMG I hate Maine! I know it was “only” 53% who voted against it, but that’s enough for me to hate it. Bad Maine!

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    Shaded Spriter

    I was annoyed about the maine results last week when it happened, but it was for some reason (most likely the AD you played) more angry hearing about it on this episode.

    I am glad I am in the UK with our slightly better situation.

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