Utah Morality police

Check out this hilarious note a girl from Utah found on her car. She’s since had it framed, and her husband (the guy she was being inappropriate with) still get a chuckle out of it. It’s just more proof that the “moral majority” can’t keep their fucking noses out of other people’s business.

“Hi, you don’t know me but I’ve noticed that you go into #306 apt. late @ night & I sometimes see you coming out in the morning & it’s obvious that you sleep over there b/c your car is parked @ King Henry all night. I know that it’s really none of my business but my roomates & I think that it’s inappropriate to be staying @ a boy’s house all night. I feel like I should talk to James about this problem, perhaps King Henry, but I think that you could, & should, fix this problem on your own w/out my intervention.
Thanks for your time – Have a great day :)”

Here’s the thing: just because you’re politely telling someone that you disapprove of their lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that gives you the right to tell others how to live. How many times have I been “politely” informed that I was going to burn in hell for all eternity for not believing that an illiterate Jew was a God. Too many times to count, really.

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    Utah=Iran. WTF!!!! I would give that bitch a piece of my mind if I were her! Mind your own F-ing business.

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    That’s quite stupid, and I bring a question: When does merely suggesting that people would if happier if they did or didn’t do X become telling others how to live their life? Where’s the line?

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    As Elvis’ song says, “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VigJwLJ8qeI

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    hahahaha what an arrogant prick

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    What the heck does this uninvited, in appropriate letter have to do with God?

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    Noone actually says it has anything to do with god. Author writes “moral majority”

    But I can say with certainty that these noisy letter writing idiots are religious….probably very religious. Noone in their right mind gives a fuck about someone staying at someone elses house, most people wouldnt even notice. That kind of crazy requires religion folks!

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    Zombie Jesus

    Reference to both the King James version of the Bible and to Anglicanism is what it has to do with the subject of God. Look up euphemism. The writer obviously did not want to come right out and say that the motivation behind the letter was their acts are not very “Christianlike”.

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    Kevin O'Leary

    Guys, surely this is a joke? I’m guessing that the King Henry is a motel or somesuch, and if I read it correctly the letter writer is threatening to talk to its Manager (!) I couldn’t take it seriously myself…

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    “When does merely suggesting that people would if happier if they did or didn’t do X become telling others how to live their life?”

    dehhh. well when you refer to their lifestyle choices as a “problem” to be “fixed” instead of an alternate choice, i’d say it’s not that hard to identify is as a commentary on how wrong you’re living.

    also, where the fuck is there a reference to a king james bible…?

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    I have lived in Provo and I can attest that this is not only NOT a joke but something that happens on a regular basis.

    Also, the King James this person is referring to is the apartment complex’s name that they lived in. Chances are they were living in student housing “approved” by the mormon college BYU and they could easily be kicked out of their apartment(and possibly their school) for having people of the opposite sex over past curfew let alone any type of sexual behavior. It’s just plain ridiculous!

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    Deprived of an education unless you listen to us…..There is just something so wrong about religious groups having any say in education.

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