Maine kills gay marriage

Living in the US these days, you’d never know the country has some pretty fucking serious problems that need to be addressed; specifically the shitty economy, the two wars you can’t seem to get out of, and the fact 40 million people are without health insurance. It seems like the only REAL issue for many Americans is gay marriage, and I’m sad to announce that one of the few states where it’s still legal (Maine) just voted it down.

The majority has spoken, and their voices overwhelmingly decided certain individuals aren’t worthy of the same rights as others (another victory for the tyranny of the majority!). It’s a historic day for Mainers, as they’ve proven once again you don’t need a tyrant to take people’s rights away; you just have to rely on people’s bigotry to do it for you!

I thought you were cool, Maine. You’re a beautiful state, and I always found Mainers shared similar values to us Canucks. I guess if you’re gay, however, their friendly demeanor changes just a little bit. Mainers, you’ve just proven America as a whole still has a lot of fucking growing up to do.

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    Exactly! It’s so disappointing than Maine is more for hate than love, but at the same time, not surprising at all.

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    It just seems that the world is doing it’s best to turn me into a homicidal maniac. I just can’t believe how much bigotry there is.

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    Portland’s the liberal enclave of the state, but as you head inland and up north the Deliverance ambiance starts to take over.

    We had the same problem in VT. Civil unions (not even marriage!) came in and suddenly “Take Back Vermont” signs and bumper stickers started showing up from the bigots. Vermont ain’t all hippie granola – the transplants are, but the natives are rednecks through and through. My family is full of them.

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    I really just don’t get the hate on this issue. It completely escapes me, in any case these clown will eventually find themselves on the wrong side of history. Given the age varying demographics it’s only a matter of time.

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    Another ugly victory for Sarah Palin’s real America, UGH!

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    The thing that I don’t understand, is why this is being voted on in the first place. It’s an equal rights issue, the constitution protects equal rights, so this should be a matter for the courts.

    I think the courts are unlikely to rule against gay marriage, too.

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    The court action in cali recently, wasn’t directly a vote on gay marriage. So you cannot use that.

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    Fuck you, Maine. FUCK. YOU.

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    Who saw the ads that they ran for and against Prop 1?

    The pro-gay marriage groups ran an ad about an old lady who, even though she was a Catholic, still supported her son’s right to marry. Piano music playing in the background. The works, you know.

    The bigots ran an ad about how gays are being allowed to teach our children in public schools because of the laws that now prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation. It says that gays are slowly becoming role-model figures for the nation’s youth, and that if Mainers didn’t ban gay marriage soon, it would just keep furthering this “false principle”. During the ad, there is horror movie music playing in the background and at the end it shows this little girl with the most shocked look on her face. It’s ridiculous.

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    Jeffrey J

    Yeah, The Daily Show did a pretty good bit on that the other day.
    I love the implication they make that if gay marriage was allowed Sex ed teachers would be start buttfucking in class.

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