Senators wants prayer payment plan in Health Care Bill

Remember how I wrote about all those kids who died because their ignorant parents preferred to pray for them to get better rather than call a real doctor? Well, it appears a couple senators are trying to include a provision to the healthcare bill that would require insurers to cover Christian Science prayer as a legitimate medical expense.

The Church of Christ, Scientist has its headquarters in Massachusetts, and it received support from Sen. John Kerry (remember that boring ass Democrat?), and the late Ted Kennedy. So if you think this is party politics, recognize the fact that so long as an annoying religious group has enough money, just about any fucking senator is up for sale.

During the day, Davis may see multiple patients and pray for them at different moments. He charges them $20 to $40 for the day, saying, “I think that it would be considered modest by any standard.”

It sounds like a pretty sweet racket, honestly. These Christian Scientists charge between 20-40 dollars a day for praying per person, and they probably go through a lot of patients suckers a day. I mean, how much prayer can one man do per day? If they can insert themselves into the healthcare bill, who knows how much cash they would be raking in. I feel like a dick asking for the same amount per year for recording a bunch of podcasts. That’s a lot of work compared to a guy that puts his hands together and begs God to stop the cancer that is rotting you from the inside (the same cancer He put there with his divine Will).

If these fucking assholes get their way, who knows how many other of these con artists will try and receive funding for their make-believe therapies. Are we going to have crystal practitioners complain they aren’t allowed to charge people to put differently colored rocks on people’s heads? What about Iridologists who think they can diagnose disease by looking into your eyes?

Any of you Americans hopeful that health care reform is going to happen, you have to accept the hard reality that your politicians are entirely in the pocket of big business and big religion. The fact that Christian Scientists, who actively discourage their members from seeking medical attention for serious illness, are being inserted like this despite their insanity proves that no one is really interested in the health of Americans. Is it too early to say you’re all fucked?

NOTE: Remember that little girl who got medical treatment and her Christian Science parents disowned her? Yep, these guys really should be part of your health care plan, don’t you think?

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    The love of money is a root of many kinds of evil. Corruption on every level.

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    So, let me get this straight – “praying” for, say, a dozen sick individuals per day, 5 days a week, with a month off for vacation, I could pull down a 6 figure annual income?

    You know, it’s a good thing I have strict moral and ethical standards. Because that’s damn tempting. There’s no work, no pressure to produce results, zero personal accountability …

    I wonder how many of these practitioners are actually batshit crazy enough to believe they’re doing something, and how many are flat out con artists who couldn’t resist a sweet gig like that?

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    That’s actually a pretty smart scam.

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    Just when I am beginning to have a little respect for some of the politicians, they go and do something like this. They wonder why they aren’t trusted.

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    This has next to 0 chance of ever becoming law. If it did the courts would strike it down, because it’s an obvious violation of the separation of church and state.

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    Let’s add another layer of weird to this. Maybe outspoken atheists can convince crazy Christians to give us money for doing nothing to help them. How about we charge $20 a day to “pray” to “god” that their condition gets worse. Since we are of the devil (and why would he side with us and harm his own chosen people?), obviously god would want to do the opposite of what we ask him.

    Crazy? Yes. Will it work? Idunno… ask earthbound pets if their business model works.

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    just don’t go assuming that this is ALL of Christianity, but specifically Christian Scientists, a totally seperate religious group. though both Bible based, they have VERY different beliefs and teachings!

    anyway, this is total bull, and as stated earlier, obviously a violation of church and state.

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