Bill Donohue thinks victims abused by Catholic Church are “Gold Diggers”

You’ve got to love Bill Donohue; no matter what the Catholic Church does, Bill is there to defend them to the death. Here he is claiming that the abuse of thousands of kids in Ireland at the hands of priests is an almost complete fabrication, and all of the victims are just a bunch of money hungry gold diggers. Thanks to the hard work of insane douchebags like “Dr.” Bill here, atheists have to work a lot less hard to convince people to abandon their religion. Thanks for just being your crusty, ignorant self Billy-Boy!

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    Anida Adler

    It’s a pleasure, hun.

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    Where is the outrage from the mainstream Catholic community regarding this wacko’s shocking defense of child rape & abuse?

    Somebody needs to beat the shit out of this guy.

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    This is my first comment here as far as I know. Why does this guy keep getting air time. Any time I have heard anything he says it is so out there that most times I think he is living in some other world then here.

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    check out his chat with louis C.K. …it’s pretty weird. the guy has some media savvy, but at his core he’s a complete scumbag.

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    Rob Miles

    Well, who are you going to believe? An honorable, godly priest or some boy who’s been forced to take it up the ass for a couple of years?

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    Jessica Sideways

    This so does not surprise me. What partially surprises me is that other priests are not defending the evil Catholic priests and saying that child molestation is okay when performed by the priesthood. But since they are competing to sell Jesus and salvation to the ignorant, lemming-like masses, they cannot help out the competition.

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    I think it would be a lot more powerful if you left out the ad hominem stuff. When you show vitriol, you show your hand. You will be hard pressed to find an influential philosopher or scientist throughout history whose personal beefs were detectable in their manifestos.

    Take Bertrand Russell for example. I’m sure you are intimate with his work, yes? He said, “It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.”

    Wow. That’s awesome.

    But what if he had said, “It has been said that man is a rational animal. These douche bag ignorant Christians aren’t giving me any hope I will find proof to support such a premise any time soon.”

    Do you think he would have had any credibility? Of course not. He would have been written off as a bag of self-important hot air motivated by nothing more than the morbid desire to provoke and anger.

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