Another awesome video from the Thinking Atheist

If you’re a regular YouTube “troller”, then you should probably subscribe to these guys: they do good work!
(props to Maggie for the find)

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    Carisa Hendrix

    Warms my heathen little heart.

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    I have watched this so many times before. It’s really good! It was an easy find since you already blogged about thethinkingatheist’s videos. I didn’t think to send it to you since I thought you already knew about it.

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    Expertly produced video. I enjoyed it very much. Great soundtrack, too! Did you produce that music? If not, where did it come from?

    Anyways, the movie short makes so many great points. I agree there are so many Christians out there who absolutely have no idea who God is or what he represents. After all, any normally functioning human being would never try to assign natural qualities or expectations to a supernatural God. People sit around actually waiting for the hand of God to physically touch them, or lift a car off their leg, or fill their Christmas stocking, or save them from a madman with an AK47 who has decided to shoot them. I will continue to pray such people will grow in wisdom to fully understand the idea of free will, and how without it there could be no God.

    Very thought provoking stuff. Keep it coming.

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