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Ok, no one panic. Our servers had a bit of a physical issue today, so for those of you just checking in, the world did not just end. I would love to pretend we were so overloaded by traffic from something awesome we did, but the simple fact is even a website is a physical entity, and that means it’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Also, you might have noticed we didn’t record a Podcast last week. It turns out we are currently filming a TV pilot for our other site You guys will need to put up with one more week of no podcast while we try and nail this one out of the park.

If you’re super anxious for some content, it’s my duty as a broke ass blogger to remind you we do have a bonus show, and it’s already cracked #32, so if you want to hear a few hours of extra podcast goodness, it’s only 20 bucks a year to be a member. That’s less than $1.67 a month! Does it feel like a kick in the balls to not record a show and shove the paid content in your faces? You won’t fucking think so once you see how hilarious the TV show is gonna be…

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    A pilot? What’s it about (other than MMA, obviously)?

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    Jacob Fortin

    it’s going to be a comedy show. It’s hard to explain. You’ll need to see it to get it.

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    Oh, ok. My internet was being especially buggy today, so I just expected that to be the culprit; it’s nice to hear that everyone else experience these technical difficulties as well.

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