Fox News is the worst at everything

If you want a good example of journalistic “slant”, I urge you to watch this video carefully. The story itself is quite shocking; a judge who received kickbacks for sending juveniles to private correction facility has all his convictions thrown out. So over 6500 kids are now free from this nightmare.

Since this video is on Fox News, what is the likeliest angle to approach this story? Will she be shocked that the privatization of the correctional system has incentivised convictions? Is she at all concerned for the families of the children who fought to have their kids back from these institutions? What about the sheer number of convictions alone (was she not curious as to why the number was so high in the first place)? Nope. The news anchor’s first question is to ask how many of them would be retried, since they were “probably” guilty.

When the gravity and depravity of the situation is finally made clear to her, it’s almost painful to watch her squirm as she admits moral defeat. I don’t fucking care what your political leaning is: when you have a story about kids’ lives being destroyed in order for a bunch of rich corrupt judges (who have asked for immunity) to make money, you report on that fucking crime. Period.

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    That’s a lot of kids. Child-prison is big, right?

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    Anida Adler

    A friend of mine is researching the American Juvenile Detention system for a novel. ‘Shocking’ just doesn’t come close to describing it. I’m not surprised to hear about this, in light of the research he’s showed me.

    What strikes me is that I read an official report he had found into abuse in two correctional facilities, and one issue that was raised as a factor which created a virtual free-for-all situation for sadistic guards, is that any report of abuse is a matter of the word of a young criminal against that of an upstanding citizen. My friend mentioned that one thing he found out was that in some instances, the guards soon worked out that the more horrifically cruel and bizarre the abuse was, the less likely the victim was to be believed. And that is because people have the mindset reflected in that video.

    It’s a very tough problem to handle, as there are some truly criminal youngsters out there who are without a shadow of doubt dangerous to society. Even so, not one of them deserves to be abused, and what happened here was indeed a form of abuse, if I were to judge.

    I really wish I could make that reporter read at least that report, to see what horrific damage her attitude can do.

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    Fox is terrible, but the other cable news networks get way too much of a pass.

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    Seymour Alexander

    I hate Rupert Murdoch and Fox News but this report doesn’t seem too bad; this impression is possibly a result of my reading YNET, the Israel web site, too much, where everything is not just slanted but is mostly outright lies.

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    James Anderson

    I heard a woman at my work say that the whole media is basically a liberal conspiracy and that only Fox News is the only one that tells the truth. Before this I knew that Fox News had a incredible viewership but to actually meet a person in realife that is so deluded. It made me so depressed. I wanted to cry.

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