This woman is an embarrassment to humanity

Every single time you hear a person start a speech with “My Gawd, my Gawd, my Gawd”, you need to pull your ear plugs out of your pocket and put them on immediately. This woman compares homosexuals with dogs, and claims the “Devil” is now loose and running wild in her community. You don’t need a supernatural entity to commit evil, lady; you’re doing just fine spewing your bigoted hatred without any help.

On a side note, does this stupid banshee wear garments of different cloths, or eat meat on the weekend, or have pierced ears? Those are all sins, you know…

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    If she had a brain she’d be dangerous!

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    “… we will continue with the remaining 169 witnesses…” Poor Mr. Mendelson.

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    Isaac’s comment made me chuckle. All I have to say is this….If you are a Christian then you must follow and believe every single word in the bible from Genesis to Revelation. The bible is the Christian ‘rule book’ if you will. You can’t play Monopoly and say that the only properties you’ll play with are Park Place and Boardwalk. You have to play with all of them and that includes Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues. No cherry picking allowed. Amen…..

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    The Big Blue Frog

    He is a purr and just Gawd!

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    Jacob Fortin

    Ever notice they call him a “just’ god right before they turn around and tell you he’s sending you to hell? What a guy!

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    I was gonna say “she be trippin’ ” but Issac beat me to it, and also It might come off a little racist.

    But holy shit what a big ‘ol roll of fucktape.

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    how can she even try to make a logical argument when she uses god 20+ time in that little rant.

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    I could only watch about a minute of this video before I got embarrassed for her and had to turn it off. The fact that this women actually had the audacity to spew this garbage makes me ill.

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    The scary thing is that people like this can vote. I hope we get a colony on some other planet soon so we can just leave the religious nuts on the earth and not have to worry about them any more.

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    hey guys, here’s a clip of someone who is simple-minded and uneducated enough to make a completely insane argument against granting people of a different sexual preference equal rights & protection under the law!! What should we do?

    Oh, I know, let’s make derogatory comments with racial overtones about her speech pattern! See, we can be closed-minded assholes, too!

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^It’s not fucking ignorance; it’s downright fucking bigotry to compare gays to Dogs, and it’s time we stop sugar-coating that shit.

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    Amilkar Reyna

    :O wow she’s sooooo wrong.

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    This woman is vomit worthy.

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    Gays shouldn’t sell the idea that the reason you shouldn’t discriminate against them, is because its not a choice to be gay.

    It is indeed not a choice to be gay, but what if it were a choice?

    It wouldn’t make a shit. It still wouldn’t be okay to discriminate.

    We gotta universalize the idea that if someone is doing something that doesn’t fuck you, or society up as a result, they should be allowed to do it.

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    Leza McLeod

    The demons had showed up? Oh my, oh my, burst my tympanic membrane, quickly!

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