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Are you tired of hearing about sleezy Christians trying to lure naive and gullible believers into their beds? Me neither. The latest story comes out of Huston, where Robert Louis Rousseau, an unlicensed 8th grade teacher had been using the Bible to pressure young women into sleeping with him. His “line” to convince them to sleep with him is almost too comical for words:

She [the victim] also told authorities that sexual intercourse between them started after she was told that it would “‘demonstrate her trust and strict adherence to the society by engaging in sexual intercourse with (Rosseau),'” It was also stated that the teacher would read from the Bible to the two girls to convince the girls that they should have sex with him.

Robby was clever enough to start a small “secret society”, recruiting impressionable young girls. It didn’t stay a secret for too long, especially after he tried recruiting a third girl in the organization. That’s when the lid was blown on his little operation. Now this fat jackass is facing charges of sexual assault on a child.

If you want your little girls to be safe from creepy predators, you should probably teach them to use their brains a little more. Remember, religion is all about submission and subservience; does that sound like a really useful thing to teach people?

(props to the examiner for the find)

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    At least the guy is cute.

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    No. When it comes to teachers, coaches and other leaders in our communitis, we should teach our childrn defiance and rebellion. Or simply have our chilren stay at home. After all, paedophiles never go into our homes.

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    I am going to assume Makarios is being sarcastic…

    I am ex-baptist youth pastor, who is now an agnostic. While I was working in a church, I found porn on the senior pastor’s computer. When I brought it up he tried to get me thrown out of the church. HA! Didn’t work… but religious people are by and large LOSERS!

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    The comments are almost as good as the story. Check this one out!

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    He’s going to be charged with a lot more come Judgment Day if he don’t ask the Lord for forgiveness- especially for putting His name to something so evil!

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    Did he tell the girls an angel with a flaming sword would destroy him if they didn’t sleep with him? That pick-up line worked for Joseph Smith.

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    Injun Trouble

    It’s reminding me of the George Carlin quote: “You ever notice people against abortion are people you wouldn’t wanna fuck in the first place?”

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    Humans are a strange bunch. They want power over others, and some want someone to have power over them. Still others, want both.

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    Just like every other animal that has much of a brain.

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