France gives Scientology the finger

It’s a good day, people. This morning I was flooded with emails and links concerning a French court that found 6 members of the Church of Scientology guilt of fraud. Each member on trial was fined 400,000 euros and ┬ásentenced to no less than two years in prison.

I’m actually pretty surprised they’re sending these guys to jail while still allowing the Church to continue its operation in the country with impunity. I guess they found insufficient evidence that this fraud was perpetuated by the church. These guys played by Scientology’s play book, so why did they not bring the whole scam down once and for all? It’s a shame really. Scientology is a pyramid scheme designed to extort people out of their money, all under the guise of “freeing” a person from fear, doubt, and every other normal human emotion people find unpleasant.

Unfortunately, I doubt this decision is going to do much to slow down the growth of this beast. The Church recently opened up a chapter in Rome, and it attracted well over 6,000 suckers people.

Hey everyone, if you are feeling depressed, unhappy, and generally unfulfilled, try to do something creative and fun rather than get suckered in by a bunch of money hungry fuckfaces. Go for a bike ride, talk to a friend you lost contact with, or better yet, take a drill and shove it deep inside your brain tissue if you even feel slightly compelled to go get audited. Trust me, you’re way better off as a vegetable.

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    Ya, but like Weight-Watchers humans feel better about something they could do for free if they’re paying hard earned money for it.

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    While the monetary fines are nice I would have prefered they actually have to spend time in jail, rather than just getting a suspended sentence.

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    With this in mind why is the catholic church exempt????
    EVERY religion is nothing more then con artists milking deluded, scared people out of money and time. I actually admire cons like benny hinde for their ability to do the do the con! Just as I admire any one that can do things I find difficult or impossible. The people who fall for the con are the ones to despise! Anyone who has the ability to accept the responsibility of ‘adulthood’, think for themselves, and accept nature as it is, and stop fearing the monster under the bed, can never be taken by a con.
    If you stop buying drugs – drug dealers go away.
    If you stop buying into the con – con artist go away.

    neither of those two will disappear, and yes france slapped some hands, which will be quickly replaced by other cons.

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    // I guess they found insufficient evidence that this fraud was perpetuated by the church //

    It is against French law to force dissolution of an organisation based solely on their being guilty of fraud.

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    //If you stop buying drugs – drug dealers go away.
    If you stop buying into the con – con artist go away.//

    Yeah that’s true, but aren’t the dealers worse than the buyers for society? Same for the con-artists.

    A lot more people are guillible, than there are people actively trying to exploit that gullibility .

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    Anida Adler

    I think the French government did the smart thing. If they dissolved the church or banned it, that would be a win for the church: they love casting themselves as the persecuted, innocent victims. They’d go underground, where they’d be less easy to monitor.

    I also disagree with those who say the CoS is as bad as or worse than Catholicism, for instance. I’ve read quite a lot about the CoS these last few days, as the news stories peaked my interest. Without minimising the incalculable damage the Catholic church has done, I think this organisation is worse than them.

    One thing that is very dangerous about them is their ‘Fair Game’ policy, which in a nutshell states that anyone who criticises or in any way damages the CoS can be attacked and destroyed by any means available. They have perfected ways of using frivolous lawsuits, for instance, to destroy people. I never knew about incidents like Operation Freakout (if you don’t know what that is, Google it, it’s fucking frightening).

    While the methods and practices in the Catholic church are very similar, the undisguised brainwashing of CoS’s ‘auditing’ is much more intense, damaging and abusive. And while the Catholic church also sucks money from you, the CoS actively and agressively works to drain their members of every last cent they have, and more – to get them to take out whatever loans they can manage to get and give that money to the CoS as well.

    I think you can compare the two to diseases, one being a deadly virus, the other a parasite. CoS is the virus – it hits hard and fast and destroys its victim relatively quickly. The Catholic church is the parasite – its strategy is ultimately cleverer, keeping the host alive and earning to suck the most out of him/her over a longer period of time, rarely destroying, the effects only really apparent when you see the atrophied life of a true believer compared to someone not wholly crippled by the infection.

    Both need to be addressed and eradicated. However, where immediate threat to health and wellbeing is concerned, the virus is a more urgent matter.

    We need medicine for both, ffs. Someone out there got any vaccines handy?

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    Anida Adler

    Sorry, that was supposed to be: “… the Catholic church is as bad as, or worse than, the CoS,” not the other way around.

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