This woman broke my brain

After having listened to the excellent presentation on the Cosmos of Mr. Lawrence Krauss, listening to this idiot trying to teach something she clearly knows nothing about is almost too painful to bear. If you have a will made of iron, or you’ve already given up on humanity, maybe, just maybe you can make it through this entire video without having a subdural hematoma. Watch this at your own risk, for the stupid, it BUURRRNNNSSS!

(props to Pharyngula for the find)

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    So what she is saying is that mass doesn’t exist… and everything is only energy. Ok…

    So then if I take a ‘massive’ shit on her face, she should be thanking me for the transformed energy.

    But even though any rational person sees her lies, you gotta admit that it is clever that they try to legitimize themselves by associating themselves with brilliant scientists like einstein and hawking. I am also curious where she got her doctorate degree? probably the university of dumbfuck homeopathy.

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    First: Stephen HAWKING

    Second: Stephen Hawking did NOT “bring us the string theory”, as it was first formed when he was an infant.

    Third: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

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    this woman is depressingly stupid

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    This is rather like religion, isn’t it?

    This stupid bitch decided first that her nonsense is true. Then, she worked backwards from this assumption.

    She uses vaguely scientific terms that seem to back up her claims, but are so weak, they only work if you’re 8 years old, or retarded.

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    Tory Phoenix



    There, now that I’ve blown my brains out, she actually makes sense. WTF? People actually paid to hear this crap?

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    She’s a doctor? Doctor of WHAT, may I ask? All rather “Gee-whiz” and waaayyy too many “OK’s” and “rights” for my liking. I lost track of what she was saying after the first minute. So, there’s not really a lot of matter in the universe, so we can ignore it…….er…..right? Oops, there I go, using one her phrases. Bring on Hawking and Dawkins!

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    That wasn’t worth watching. Her month is speaking lies, and her face is speaking “Yayyy! I’m going to get money from these people!”

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    my head is a splode.

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    So I don’t have too much mass to touch my toes, I have too much energy to touch my toes? I like it!

    Not morbidly obese, just high energy!

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    This is mind numbing…

    Please, people, get your kids to a real school, and make them study!
    All those in this presentation were the kids that were too “cool” to understand anything, and are consequently retards now.

    Tell everyone you know how whacked out these charlatans are, and tell tham why! It may actually cause people to think(unlikely, but worth a shot).

    It would be nice if we could sue these quacks…

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    ladies and gentlemen that is your brain on every drug know to man

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