Scientologists are so sensitive…

You’ll notice the familiar use of the word “offensive” in this video, and it’s the reason this douchebag walks off during the interview. I’ve been accused of this on multiple occasions by religious people myself, and it’s simply a way for people to mask their stupid or worthless opinions. It’s not like the guy answered the question at all, and hiding behind the shield of “respect my faith” is just more of the same intellectual¬†cowardice¬†I’ve come to expect from highly religious folks. I think in general we all need to stop using the “offensive” card any time we are upset. So someone said something you didn’t like; big fucking deal. If you refuse to answer a question because you think it’s rude, then you’ve proven only that your mind is incapable of being open enough to look past something as trivial as language.

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    From what I understand, this was the type of behavior Christians had up until a few hundred years ago. They refused to translate the Bible into the common languages of the time in order to keep the knowledge of what it said away from the average person, and ensure that knowledge stayed only with the people who had already accepted it as fact.

    Only when Christianity was around for 1500+ years did they open up, probably because the ideas had been so ingrained by that time.

    I suspect if Scientology is around another, even 500 years, they will be more open about their stupid ideas because people will be so used to hearing them.

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    Bram Janssen

    I’ve seen this guy in other Scientology documentaries and it’s hard to imagine a bigger asshole than him. What a little man.

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    Why doesn’t anybody interview Christians this way? It would be awesome. “So, if I understand your beliefs, there’s an angry invisible man in the sky named Yahweh, whom thirsted for blood until he sent his son the earth to be sacrificed, thereby satisfying the blood debt owed by Man?”

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    that is awesome. what a petulant child.

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    I notice he only called it offensive, and not untrue.

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    Richard Feinburg

    The guy look like a dick.

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    So…. does he believe it or not? How can we “respect his faith” if I don’t know what it is?

    From what I can see of his tantrum, he isn’t worthy of respect anyway.

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    What a wasted opportunity for him to “set things straight.” Oh well, his problem.

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