Is being Jewish about “race” or religion?

I was reading an old article on BBCnews about a Jewish school that was refusing admission to students who had no blood relation to Judaism. The school was trying to defend their stance, arguing that this was a matter of religion, not race. I don’t buy that bullshit for one second.

Consider this: a few months ago, the Israeli government created a series of ads warning Jews not to marry non-Jews after a study found a significant portion of the population was breeding outside their own “tribe”. They fear if the population begins to assimilate into the culture of others, the State of Israel will disappear. This type of xenophobic fear is not only overtly racist, it’s entirely antiquated and wrong.

Mixed marriages are not even recognized in Israel, which seems awfully familiar to anyone who’s ever experienced institutionalized racism. It doesn’t really surprise me that the small tribe of Judaism is afraid they might disappear if they intermarry with other cultures. What angers me is when they are allowed to get away with racist and alarmist rhetoric out of the sick idea that they need to maintain “racial purity” in order for their religion to thrive. Personally, I find this kind of thing sickening. We want to encourage people of different races and cultures to marry and shag one another. This is actually the quickest way to peace; people tend to stop fighting when they start breeding together.

Stop trying to pass off your fucking fascism as some kind of noble religious pursuit. I don’t buy it, and nobody else does.

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    Well said indeed.

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    Bram Janssen

    And still none of the Israelites are realizing they’re inching closer and closer towards becoming their “enemy” – the dreaded National Socialists.

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    what is religion

    Religious scholars generally agree that writing a single definition that applies to all religions is difficult or even impossible, because all people examine religion with some kind of critical eye, and the term is therefore fraught with ideological consequences for anyone who might want to construct a universal definition. Talal Asad writes that “there cannot be a universal definition of religion … because that definition is itself the historical product of discursive processes”[5]; Thomas A. Tweed, while defending the idea of religion in general, writes that “it would be foolish to set up an abstract definition of religion’s essence, and then proceed to defend that definition from all comers.”[6]

    The earliest definition of religion is from Johnson’s Dictionary, which simply calls it “a system of faith and worship”. Friedrich Schleiermacher in the late 18th century defined religion as das schlechthinnige Abhängigkeitsgefühl, commonly translated as “a feeling of absolute dependence”.[7] His contemporary Hegel disagreed thoroughly, defining religion as “the Divine Spirit becoming conscious of Himself through the finite spirit.”[8] Clifford Geertz’s definition of religion as a “cultural system” was dominant for most of the 20th century and continues to be widely accepted today.

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    Originally faith, but over time, and particularly and ironically since WWII, convoluted with “race.” Rushkoff’s “Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism” is an outstandinag book that touches on the subject, amongst other things.

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    Sorry fahim but I disagree with the experts. Faith is not easily defined because it is a personal experience. Religion is very easily and universally defined as one bunch of bigots coming together to force most everyone else into their mold.
    What the article states is no surprise to anyone looking at religion. They all say that. Example-try being a catholic and marry an atheist and the atheist states the kids will not be raised catholic. Watch how fast the ConArtist(priest) tells you you cannot be married.
    It is not as bad here as in the middle east because our LAWS say you can do so, but there various religions say you can’t so you will get blasted in society.

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    Sabio Lantz

    The tribalism in Judaism is indeed criminal !

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    bill walker

    I love everything about the culture but those goddam little beanies. They’re as bad as baseball caps with the brim in the back

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