Prepare to be sick

Here’s a story that made me want to vomit in my own mouth. Picture, if you will, a heinously ugly wheelchair bound old man molesting a girl long enough that she only rebels from it by the time she’s allowed to fucking vote.

The good news (if you’re a glass is half full type of person) is that Church ElderĀ John William McConaghy, 66, was convicted of all but 1 of the 21 charges against him, which means that he’ll soon be the easy prey.

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    That’s it, I’m moving to the hills.

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    So now why cant we just shoot that fuckin guy in the face and be done with it? Hes been a drag on society his entire life, finally gets convicted of it, now the taxpayers get to support him till he dies. I say he just dies. Fast…. slow…. whatever hes a worthless person that doesnt deserve the air he is breathing. Oh and what part of the bible says its ok to fuck kids?

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    Kevin O'Leary

    No matter how evil this odious creep is, I think it better to be satisfied with him suffering the consequences devised by democratically elected law makers, and leave the vitriol to hell believing theists. Just my opinion. Shame they didn’t catch the bastard a bit earlier though.

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    I’ve gotta side with O’Leary on this one. The guys is definitely scum but still, vigilante justice is bad. Also, it costs more for the state to have someone put to death than it does to sentence them to life.

    For some data on that

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    Roxanne R

    Doesn’t matter, usually child molesters get treated like a punching bag in prison.

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    This is heinous. Poor girl!

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