Pat Condell wants you to wake up

Pat is always interesting to listen to. In this video, he lambasts the UN for trying to include a resolution making criticism of religion a crime. It’s legislation we don’t quite have to be worried about now, but it definitely sends a scary message that many Islamic countries are completely opposed to some of our most important beliefs (namely, that human beings should be allowed to speak their fucking minds).

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    Excellent. I’m not so sure we should not be concerned about this UN resolution. As he says, it’s only a matter of time before this kind of thing filters down. I’m going to look into this… Thanks for posting this.

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    Bram Janssen

    Pat Condell: so far to the left, he’s actually to the right. I can’t listen to this man. He’s liberal and truthful when it comes to his views about religion being harmful to society, but his opinions on society itself are actually pretty conservative.
    I’m from Holland, and he mentions the “leader of one of the biggest parties being persecuted for telling the truth about Islam.” What a load of crap that is! Mr Wilders is actually as big a nutjob as you will find anywhere, spewing fear and hate about Islam only to further his own political causes. Muslims in Holland are a bit like what Mexican immigrants are in the US, occupying the same cultural niche, and Wilder’s nonsense makes as much sense as Lou Dobbs’.
    Not defending religion, don’t get me wrong: we’d be better off in the world without Islam, Christianity or Judaism probably, but Condell’s fact-bending rants are getting perilously close to minority-hating and aren’t constructive either.

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