Our Webs are under Attack!

Australia, be warned! It seems as though the latest efforts of your country’s atheists have attracted the attention of theologically minded hackers. The Global Atheist Convention’s website has been flooded, and the Atheist Foundation of Australia’s site was attacked also.

It’s not known who is doing this exactly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some religious nutbag hoping to prevent people from attending this year’s atheist convention. It’s the type of typical, “it’s not wrong if I do it for Jesus” tactic that fundamentalists seem so fond of employing.

As usual this kind of thing only galvanizes people even more, so I imagine this probably won’t stop people from going; if anything, I’m willing to bet the event will be an even bigger success. In your face, religion!

*NOTE* The site is back up, so if you’re an Aussie and you are looking to meet up with some like minded atheists, think about going, will ya?

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    Isn’t that a class requirement at one of the theological schools? I mean the infiltrating and spamming of atheist websites…

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    @ Kate

    Pretty keen on heading down for this, heard about it a few weeks ago.
    Fuck Australia has some real LAMEO’s. They are everywhere i suppose.

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    I have a feeling that such attacks are going to be increasingly common as long as the popularity of atheism continues to grow.

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