I hacks yur Webs!

I received this comment on one of my posts, and I just had to put it up for you guys to see:

I visited your site to challenge you to learn about ‘contiguous dimensional worlds’ and how they show Christian belief and its command to love to be understandable, logical and evidenced in a technical sense. But your site uses vulgarities and slogans indicative of anger and not of reasonable thinking. ”Techie Worlds’, available at Amazon.com, explains this concept in detail. But some sites like yours are set up to attack the computers of those who wish to comment, so I will hit delete and shut down my system as quickly as possible.

I guess George thinks atheists are a bunch of trojan-infested sinners or something. He saw a few “fuck you’s” and assumed TGA was some kind of spam site. This guy was shocked to discover that dissent about religion could get a little colorful, and I guess that puts me in the same corner as those annoying scam websites you occasionally run across..

So to be fair to this guy, I decided to check out “Techie World” on Amazon, and hilariously enough, this book (written by a guy called Dr. George Richer) tries to explain where God is “physically” in the world:

This book explains physically where God is. It explains why you can’t see God. Nor can you see the angels. It explains how they can be right next to you, and can see you and know your every move, while you have no knowledge of their presence. The book outlines a theory, just as Darwin outlined a theory. And just as any scientist supports his theory by checking with physical facts, so this book’s theory about why we can’t see God is tested against the ‘impossible’ ideas of Christianity…. and finds that they support the dimensional hypothesis. So any intelligent, logical materialistic modern thinker can support the Christian teachings about God.

The only person who reviewed the book, “Bob Nelson”, happens to live in the same town and share the same IP address as GeorgeRic (hmm, now I wonder…could be the same person?). So basically this clown comes on the site and recommends his own idiotic book (which he’s the only one to have read and enjoyed thoroughly), trying to pass it off as some sort of explanation for how Christianity is the one true faith. Do these guys ever get tired of their own bullshit?

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    Richard Feinburg

    LOL, smart move by looking into his ip address to see he was the same person.

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    The Big Blue Frog

    I tried to read this post, but the stupid, it hurts. Instead, I recommend that you read my book… I mean, A BOOK called “Willful Ignorance.” It’s currently available only in a bookstore in my mind, and it’s on the New York Times’ Bestseller List for five — no TEN YEARS in a row!

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    He’s a Doctor?! What has the world come to?

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    @Issac: Probably a Doctorate of divinity, they seem to hand those out like candy.

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    One S, Two As, LB. Just remember that.

    I want to say that “No god” is now the #1 trending topic on twitter! Too bad half the people are like “No god? I know there is a god! Just read this bible verse and you’ll know!”(!)

    I’m taking advantage of it, and just finding out that people on twitter ain’t so smart. Still having loads of funzies!

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