Hitchens on Australia’s Q&A

Here Hitchens and a panel of distinguished guests argue about the existence of God (what else!?). I actually found Waleed Aly probably the most eloquent and logical of all the speakers who disagreed with Hitchens (he plays Pink Floyd covers, so I like him already), and I have a lot of respect for his answers, even if I think he’s terribly mistaken in his assumptions. Hey, not everyone is going to agree with you in life. You might as well respect your ideological opponents; otherwise, where is the fun?

To see all 7 videos together, go here.

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    I came to this website because I found your podcast on iTunes. I find it reasonably entertaining. I am more of a Pat Condell fan myself when it comes to podcasts. I am an Atheist mostly because I have read, not only 7 versions of the Holy Bible, but also the 2 versions Quran, The Torah, The Book of Mormon, etc. You make biblical statements in certain writings that are false. False, not because I believe them to be True, I Don’t. False, because that is not what the Bible states. I know a handful of Atheist and none have read the Bible, or any religious book, and that is O.K. Though, they also don’t make claims about writings from the Bible that don’t exsist. I read, and re-read, these Holy Books so that when a believer says their Holy Book says one thing, I can not only verify that, but tell them their precious book also states “…”, and then deliever a diatribe of violent and disgusting verses from that book, because each holy book has them.

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    How can the Catholic Jesuit Priest, claim a religious commitment to Science, when Science disproves his dogma at every turn. His hierarchy are paying lip service, if they won’t take on board evidence put forward.

    I like the *Story OF Christ* if he existed, a truly nice and kind *Man*. Wars and slaughter, waged on principles of religion, are many.

    In terms of credibility and debating ability Hitchens wins hands down in my opinion.

    I would like to have a debate on the *Blessed* Virgin. I tried to pull that one off on the folks back in the day. As they say *The Lord loves a trier* I was blasted not blessed.


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