Why I love Hitchens

On this special mailbag podcast, someone asked Ryan and I what atheist, alive today, would we like to spend an evening with. I picked Hitchens, and after watching this video, I maintain my belief Christopher is an immensely talented raconteur who could keep you entertained for days. You just have to keep the booze and cigarettes flowing though..

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    Actually, I believe he stopped smoking a couple of years ago. I’m sure he still enjoys the liquid poison, though. :)

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    What would Jesus drink? I say Mickey’s fine malt liquor, after not having tapped.

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    Benjamin Geiger

    Water. Lots and lots of water.

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    Hitchens and Stephen Fry are debating the Roman Catholic church against one of our politicians and one other somewhere in the UK, not sure when (from Twitter)….

    “Nervous as a kitten. Got to take part in a debate on the RC Church. Me and C Hitchens facing Anne Widdecombe +1 Don’t know why I’m so nervy.”

    What I would give to be there….

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    that was rather nice. I’m warming up to this guy.

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