No surprise here: another study finds women are more religious than men

A couple months ago, I recorded a podcast explaining that women were far more superstitious than men. I cited Michael Shermer, author of the book The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule, and his study that found while men try to rationalize their beliefs, women use emotions to justify theirs. This, in turn, makes women far more susceptible to the lure of religion.

I got a few emails from fans criticizing these statements, accusing me of generalizing. Well, for those of you who doubted me the first time, check out this latest study that supports everything I had previously said.

If you’ll recall the show, I also admitted women were less likely to attack, kill, or steal from you, but no one accused me then of “generalizing”. Here’s the thing I want everyone to understand; when you’re talking about people in a broad sense (like whether or not men are more violent than women), you HAVE to generalize. If you tried to incorporate every single exception in your model, you’ve learned absolutely nothing about the subject matter you are studying. It’s also stupid to assume such studies are sexist; women are more religious than men on average. Get over it.

Obviously it doesn’t mean that if you’re a woman, you automatically believe in God. This is why I find atheist women so damn attractive; statistically they should be more likely to believe, but their own critical faculties, intelligence and independent mindedness has allowed them to break free of the bubble of religious delusion. How wonderful that these women have chosen to cast off the often repressive and submissive role religion had in store for them. It’s hot I tells you!!!

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    From the forums I’ve visited and life in general; I’ve gathered that women are more realigious than men.

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    Makes sense.

    If only all guys could find atheist women as hot as you do! I’d have suitors lining up around the block. Lmao

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    bill maher on the swine flu vaccine, he seems a little stuborn with the facts.

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    As a woman, I was bit bothered by some of the theories about women being more emotional or are more likely to experience something as spiritual or divine because of different brain chemistry. I was struck by the idea that these results have remained a constant (though I didn’t see what range of years that was). With education being most correlated with atheism, I would have thought that less women would be holding on to religion since we have much more access to education. More has changed in the last century for women than much of human history, so I’m surprised to not see some change.

    Before reading any research like this, I would thought that women would be less religious than men because they are more adversely affected by the teachings of religion. Looking at the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with the blatant anti-woman rhetoric, promotion of patriarchy, and commandments for women to serve men as their property was enough to make me question God and religion in general. But since studies seem to show the opposite, I’m not sure what to think.

    Before recently following some atheist blogs, I really had no idea there was such a disparity between men and women in online communities and at conferences. The feminist community at Oregon State seems to filled with lots of atheist women, though I don’t seem to meet a lot of straight atheist men! 🙂

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    I have always wondered with the way the JCI treat women as a whole why are so many still there??? (JCI=Jews-Xtians-Islamics as they are all the same basic hate religion) This may explain some of it. But why not join Wicca at least they would be self empowered rather then treated like property.

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    Figures. If you make broad blanket statements about women, they cry “Shenanigans!” and get all up in arms about it. But if you make broad blanket statements about men, the women just nod and the men just sit there and take it.

    I think the tendency to regard women as “emotional” and men as “rational” is largely a product of our culture and upbringing anyway. Women are “supposed” to be emotional while men are “supposed” to stuff emotions and are only allowed to express negative emotions like anger. That’s bullshit and it’s a pattern that’s got to stop. We teach our men not to cry, to bury emotions deep, and then that it’s acceptable to go kill someone in war or beat someone up because “that’s just the way men are… aggressive and with little impulse control!”

    Come ON, people. Stop using the ethics you learned on the playground to judge the people of this world. Men, cry. Women, use your minds.

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    Right on Kyle the emotional/rational nonsense has been around for as long as men were in charge. They are the biggest bunch of ‘tiny-penises’ around. As a generalized group they are so scared they will be seen crying and compensate by calling women emotional. Me I cry at some odd stuff lately anyway, and my daughter is a rational genius as is my wife and they can cry too! What so few can seem to grasp is that all generalized statements are generalized! and do not apply to an individual!!

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    Jessica Sideways

    I can’t help but feel offended when studies say women are more religious than men. But then, I think of how sad it is that it may very well be true…

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    Amilkar Reyna

    Makes perfect sense to me, besides, women and men ARE different aren’t we?? biologically, physically, mentally, Etc. so, what is the big deal with people felling offended and bothered by these studies results? which by the way are scientific, this means the results were not tempered in any way, so if things were different the results would be different. It also means that the people who performed the studies have empirical ways to probe and reproduce the phenomenon.

    I think there are some other issues that lead women to fall into the claws of religion, for example, if a girl is born within a christian family, she is taught that when she grows up and forms a family (structure that also religion imposed over our society) she’ll be the one responsible of keeping her offspring in the “right path” and imposing over them the “way of god”. This would surely cause a deep impression on a young girls mind, and if this is enforced by the theory exposed in the preceding article is almost as if she was destined to play that role. It is very sad.

    I’m not saying this to put women down, that is definitely not my point, but it sure gives a lot more credit to atheist women, it means that even against all this, their minds are powerful enough to realize the truth. Way to go ladies :).

    (pardon my broken english :s I’m spanish spoken, from GT, CA)

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    Men and women are more similar than different.

    And I agree that this emotional/logical between the genders has to stop.
    In my experience men are much more emotional then women….and I don’t mean because they cry.

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