The Good Atheist 096

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist Podcast. Ryan is back from his vacation in Tennessee, and we’re back to making the radio shows you crave! We’ll be talking about a fun new projects we’re working on, as well as Ray Comfort, and Conservapedia’s new ‘Edited for Conservatives’ Bible. It’s 45 minutes of TGA goodness, and it’s totally free. Remember, if you love the show and want more content, think about becoming a patron and gaining access to hours of bonus shows for just $1.67 a month!

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    Alex Odinson

    You can simply write on your blog how to defeat all religions all toghtether in one shot, by scientiphical explanation of how human mind is supoosed to work in human brains not ruined by external causes:

    Universal laws of conscious sane psyche and logic intellect:

    I Law : Any human being must protect his own personal freedoms, existence, well-being and property. Except only where such kind of protection would conflict with the Second or Third law.

    II Law : Any human being must understand and respect all the natural needs and rational preferences of other human beings. Except only where such needs or preferences would conflict with the First or Third Law.

    III Law : Any human being must not injure mentally or physically, or murder another human being, or trough inaction allow this to happen. Except only where this would conflict with the First or Second Law.

    If you were wondering, Isaac Asimov has nothing to do with these laws. These laws are th ereal ones composed in ancient times way before he was born. Obviously he use dthese too in ordre to write his book about the laws of robotica. BUt the guy was a religious asshole, therefore he screwed up his badly concieved laws.

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    Alex Odinson

    The second thing to write on your blog is obviouly the explanation of what exactly is Conspirology, becosu ereligion hates conspirology mst of any science on earth, being the main science capable to defat religious dgenerated perverts.

    Conspirology is the science that studies and solves conspiracies, based on rational deduction of facts, supported by scientifical knowledge for explaining the truth with precise flawless accuracy.

    Conspirology is based on knowledge of Philology, Psychology, Physiology, Sexology, Sociology, Theology, Politology.

    Conspiracy is from Latin (con spirare – whisper deadly together) which means basically attempted murder by criminally abusing people into becoming mad, or changing body shapes by hypnotizing them during deep sleeping, this way forcing them suffer by obeying in doing crazy things until they die. Kidnapped infants, all victims of conspiracy, are called zombies or golems or dead alive, since they are all brain dead and obedient, while their body is still alive. They belong to lunatic asylums.

    Conspirators also means a secret society of degenerates, who are trying to reach their absurd and therefore useless to achieve goals that are implausible for unaware normal people even to imagine.
    Degenerates create organized crime by gathering hypnotized followers who will obey blindly, and struggle for their grotesque, insane absurdities, endangering the whole society of normal people.

    Conspirology guidelines for balanced conspiracy detection, deduction, solving and exposure:

    01 If it appears unnatural, if it acts unnatural, if it sounds unnatural, it must be a conspiracy. Trust only your own rational judgment.

    02 If you eliminate all the impossible, whatever remains, however implausible, it’s conspiracy. Trust only your own rational intuition.

    03 If you eliminate what appears impossible, it must be proven impossible, until then it is not. Trust only your own abstract imagination.

    04 Correct starting point must be found for complete identification of all conspiracy elements.Trust only your own rational awareness.

    05 Cause creates actions, with identical or opposite logical actions as effects in time and space. Trust only your own rational judgment.

    06 When gaining external sources or scientifical data, presume these false and verify yourself. Trust only your own verified knowledge.

    07 If you detect apparently harmless or fun absurdity, it can lead to real conspiracy discovery. Trust only your own objective judgment.

    08 When considering rational motivations, presume these false, because conspirators are mad. Trust only your own objective judgment.

    09 Conspirators are always obviously degenerates, or mentally and physically abused infants. Trust only your own verified knowledge.

    10 Conspirators have irrational minds, still conspiracy detection is built on rational judgment. Trust only your own rational judgment.

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    Alex Odinson

    These are also xymptoms that belong to all the religious fanatics, if you knwo them, you can avoid being one of them and avoid them.

    Symptoms of unconscious insane fatal psyche and intellect:

    1 Mental tiredness: Concentration loss and general mental looseness and numbness, memory failures.

    2 Mental slowness: Indecision. Misunderstanding of causes and effects, agreement on wrong decisions.

    3 Schizophrenia: Dullness. Alienation. Ambiguous or fake feelings, thoughts, concepts, words or actions.

    4 Madness: Degeneration of inborn natural instincts and acquired reflexes, inability to mean and wish.

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    about the calendar…why use ‘hot’ chicks.
    how about chicks of all shapes and sizes.
    limiting it to ‘hot’ chicks just makes it kinda lame cos its supposed to be about the mind

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    Seriously, you should do at least one naked.

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    @Alex Odinson
    Holy fuck that is a wall of text!

    Why don’t you just make your own blog rather spew your shit here?

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    As a possible ‘hot’ atheist chick myself, I think it would be much better to either alternate between men’s shots and women’s shots, or have both a man and a woman on each month, like ‘Mr. and Mrs. February’.

    Either that, or come up with something that’s maybe a bit quirky and amusing rather than just a hot chicks calendar, like you get free in FHM.

    Cheers guys, keep up the good work.

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^Don’t worry about cool features, they will be loaded. As for the Girls, it’s kind of the whole point of the thing!

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    Marley Marl

    Sweet, been waiting for this. My frigen PayPal account is locked up, there must be a fast alternative way to sign up?

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    Jacob & Ryan are like a bickering couple. I love it!

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    Did any of the stuff discussed in this episode happen? I know i am a bit late but the episode sounded great! I want to hand out some of the booklets. Leave them in hotel rooms maybe.

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