The Good Atheist 095

In case you were worried we had forgotten about the Bonus Show, we’ve just finished wrapping up the longest TGA podcast we’ve ever recorded. To make up for the fact we skipped a week with Ryan in Tennessee, we recorded a Mailbag episode and we answered as many questions as we could.

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    Richard Feinburg

    LOL, never ask a question when drunk. I felt retarded when I heard my question.

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    Angela Grace

    When people tell me they are agnostic, I ask them if they are equally “agnostic” about, demons, Satan, and Xenu as they are about god. And if not, –why not? Agnostic means that “it can’t be known”. Technically we can’t know if any invisible undetectable entity is real or not– just like we can’t know if we are living in a matrix or if Sagan’s invisible dragon is in our garage. We are “forced” to be agnostic about unfalsifiable claims. But that doesn’t mean we think there is a 50-50 probability that the proposition is true!

    Dawkins points out that he is agnostic about god– but he is equally agnostic about fairies. People use the term “agnostic” to imply that they are “on the fence” or unsure about whether they believe in some god or not… but such “agnostics” tend to only be “agnostic” about god(s), (and maybe souls, and angels)– yet they claim disbelief in Xenu, Thetans, and gremlins.Why would one invisible undetectable possible being be more likely to be real than any other I wonder.

    Sometimes, I point out that I feel the same way about all religious beliefs that they most people feel about Scientology (or insert any superstitious claim or cult). I don’t think it’s necessarily harmful, and I realize some people claim to benefit– but that doesn’t make it true! I don’t think a person is entitled to respect because of what they’ve been indoctrinated to “believe in”.

    Many of the world’s problems would be solved if people were as private with their supernatural beliefs as they wish the Scientologists would be… if people did ask for privileges they’d not want a local Wiccan to have as well. The easiest way to make those pesky vocal atheists (like me) go away is for the theists to be as “in the closet” as they wish the atheists to be. Then we atheists need never know how delusional our fellow humans might be.

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    Angela Grace

    The reason to reach out and converse with theists even though it’s like beating your head on a wall?

    –Because you never know what seeds will be planted where only to spring up later… we all have had beliefs we no longer have– I try to treat believers the way I wish I had been treated (prodded forward) when I believed assorted pseudoscience or supernatural claims. I ask the questions I once asked myself. I also think it’s important to assert that faith is not a means of knowledge or something worthy of respect or salvation. It’s just a fancy word for “wishful thinking”.

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    Thanks for answering my questions. It helps.

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    Zombie Jesus

    My question(s) did not seem to make the cut. To be honest, I just really wanted some input, whether it be on a radio show or private email. If you need it asked again in a less moronic fashion, let me know. But I am extremely curious about your thoughts on the matter. If you already answered it in the blog or in another radio show, please point me in the right direction.

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    Roxanne R

    Really great questions! But I still think trash talking MikeO would be a great way to force the prat to listen to a podcast once in a while. 😉

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