Religious Conservatives are desperate

It’s a good thing prayer does absolutely nothing (other than waste people’s time I suppose). If it did, can you imagine the kind of world we’d be living in? How many times have people prayed for terrible, deadly, or awful things to happen to other human beings, or for entire civilizations to decline and fall prey to the sword of the Lord? Sure, most of the time people pray for fairly harmless or even unselfish things, but if it did indeed work, the world would be subject to random whims of the faithful. Luckily, the power of prayer is an oxymoron, but that hasn’t stopped Conservative Christians from adopting it in a last ditch effort to get liberals to “change their minds” about things.

The Liberty Council (I love how Conservative institutions have such Orwellian names) is a nonprofit organization lead by a man called Mat Staver. In their desperation, the Liberty Council has decided to launch an intense campaign of prayer they call “Adopt a Liberal”. The idea is simple: people choose a left leaning politician and pray for them to become conservative until your hands are raw. On the list is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, and openly homosexual congressman Barney Frank. They even made special cards for people who don’t actually follow politics closely enough to know the names and details of their own representatives. In other words, it’s like some kind of weird trading card shtick.

For his part, Staver says he won’t hold his breath [about whether or not it will have any effect]. But he does think one thing is on his side: “God is the ultimate trump card, there’s no question about that.”

Maybe you don’t question it Mat, but we sure do.

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    Ah, the power of telepathic messages going to imaginary beings in the sky, or lack thereof. At least their not taking real action.

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    The Big Blue Frog

    If he really believed in the power of prayer, wouldn’t he be willing to hold his breath?

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    Don’t they think this will interfere with free will?

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    Wait… why would they include Arnold? He’s a conservative.

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    Speaking of desperate prayers:

    There are two communities in the Swiss canton of Wallis (namely Fiesch and Fieschertal) that have sent a request to Benny pledging to be allowed to pray for their local glaciers not to retreat any further.

    For the past three hundred years they used to pray for the opposite. And that helped at last, didn’t it? Good luck to you, guys!

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    The first paragraph by itself is quite thought provoking. A world in which prayer worked and was real would be a terrible and awful place. If Matthew 21:21 is correct, religious nutjobs could (in good faith and with intentions that seem good to them) pray their way into power and strike down anyone who disagrees with them.

    Good thing prayer is B.S..

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    Rob Stradling

    But this is GREAT!

    Where do I sign up to be adopted? Can I have more than one adopter? If we get enough of them praying for us, think of all the other bat-shit-insane stuff they suddenly won’t have time to do!

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    Jeff Glick

    A better-stated take on it all:

    (BTW, I think you meant “. . . fall prey to the sword . . . “, not “fall pray to the sword . . . .”)

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