Ray Comfort vs Evolution

This comic is dedicated to Ray’s blog “Atheist Central“, where he recently responded to the discovery of Ardipithecus ramidus. As usual, Ray is busy accusing scientists of making shit up. He’s so deluded the fool doesn’t even realize the irony of him calling Evolution “faith based” (does he think that’s a good or a bad thing also? I’m confused).

I’m no longer surprised when idiots like Ray Comfort flatly deny the evidence for evolution, but I draw the line when these same jerkoffs say science is somehow “faith based”, while simultaneously claiming their own convoluted belief system is supposedly supported by evidence. What evidence? What the hell is this fucking moron talking about?

You know, for the most part scientists are too busy actually doing science to even bother paying attention to these guys. In the old days, we used to think all we needed to do was ignore these morons and they would somehow magically go away. That didn’t work out so well. Then we tried to debate them, appearing on various news programs trying to defend what is perhaps the most widely tested scientific theory of all time. So far, that hasn’t worked either.

These people aren’t interested in the truth, and they certainly aren’t interested in any real debate. Ray Comfort and his ilk are either deliberately lying (which is what I suspect), or consciously trying to ignore anything that conflicts with their predetermined world view. You can’t win a debate with someone who refuses to accept the rules of logic, so why are we so busy abiding by them when they don’t?

If you want to want to keep wasting your time trying to argue with intellectual midgets, be my guest. Personally I’m done playing Mr. Nice Guy. If it’s war they want, it’s war they’ll get!

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    There is a percentage of the population that deserves nothing but ridicule. War it shall be!

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    I love how you’ve incorporated comics into your blog posts, by the way.

    I’ve noticed that whenever creationists state they have “evidence”, they either never state what that evidence is, try to bring up hoaxes or misinterpretations (Piltdown man, Nebraska Man, etc.), give reasons why the scientific evidence isn’t good enough (they rarely succeed in that because they don’t have a good enough understanding of the evidence to criticize it, so they fall back on other arguments), or they give what they think is their ultimate trump card – The Bible. This is why debating with them goes no where.

    Ask any of the few Christian scientists to engage in a debate, and you’ll see similar waffling, yet there is a distinct squirm and/or smugness to them because they actually understand the evidence yet clearly refuse to acknowledge it. The main argument I’ve seen these few give is that science is not 100% infallible, nor does it possess all the facts. After all, to a theist, only an infallible, all-knowing being could hold the truth.

    Debate is futile. Indoctrination and gullibility go a long way, and children are easily indoctrinated and very gullible. The majority of these creationists learn their silly beliefs as children through their parents, and I believe it is only through proper education in science and history will they have a chance to break that cycle. Education is what I think we need to focus on – bringing real science and history back to the public schools. That’s really the only chance we have to break free of religion’s grip.

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    Sure, let’s go to war.

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    Dummy, they don’t have to prove anything…..IT’S ALL IN GOD’S PLAN.

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    Stuart Gibson

    Or, a third option, Ray Comfort is the world’s most successful troll and is actually an atheist helping to bring down the creationist/ID movement by being so far out of whack he discredits the whole thing (not that it has any credit to start with).

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    Leave it to Ray to completely ruin a day.

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    his blog is raycomfortfood? haha, that MADE my day.

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    //Debate is futile//
    If people have an open mind, as a decent number do and they honestly listened to a debate between a learned atheist such as Hitchens and a supposedly learned Christian like Ray Comfort, their mind could be changed. Even an open minded Christian is subject to dropping Christianity eventually.

    Also, best comic yet. But, i disagree with saying Ardi isnt that hot, the artist’s conception of Ardi had some nice titties.

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    Richard Feinburg

    Does anyone think Ray Comfort does it because he get attraction?

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    this cartoon is so good jacob. it must take you a long time!

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    //Does anyone think Ray Comfort does it because he get attraction?//
    I think he’s lying for God.

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    Joseph Dunnam

    May I ask you Evolutionists , where you there when “evolution” happened? Did you see the monkey transform into a man?

    “Faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things NOT seen”- Hebrews 11:1.

    Evolution , Deism , Atheism , are NOT religions by the standard Dictionary but rest assured like Christianity and Islam they are MOST DEFINITELY labeled “faiths” check that out in your dictionaries.

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    “May I ask you Evolutionists , where you there when “evolution” happened? Did you see the monkey transform into a man?”

    You know what Stuart said about Ray Comfort actually being an atheist who was trying to make religion look foolish?

    Joseph is obviously Ray’s #1 helper! Go to it Joe, you make those Christians look like prime fools!

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    Just Some Guy

    “RC” used to really – really – freak me out. Now I just feel sad for him.

    It didn’t really make sense until his ‘banana’ video. Watching him describing bananas “with a wrapper” as evidence of a creator’s design convinced me that he’s performing, nothing more.

    Take a good look at his ‘works’ – they’re all composed as if for children. He literally thinks he’s addressing children. Perhaps he considers his audience childlike, perhaps he’s given up on adults and is only targeting children at all.

    For his own belief, he needs no proof. His stuff is basically Sunday school material for children, or the utterly intellectually meek.

    In any case, I don’t think for a moment that he actually believes it.

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    Joseph Dunnam

    Pete have you ever saw a monkey tranform into a man like Darwin belived it would ? That is a rather sane question. You think if you use scientific terms its a science , what about Genesis? All the animals are made after their kind? That’s scientific I have NEVER saw a horse give bith to a cow have you? I have saw a horse give birth to another horse. Atheism and Evolution are FAITH and the FAITH of Evolution is FORCED into publics since 1962. You have belief NOT SCIENCE with science it is used APPLIED SCIENCE you have NO EVIDENCE of APPLIED SCIENCE to your belief that we were once a Piltdon Man ,etc. or a Cromagnon Man . You have ONE BONE or TOOTH and you have an artist doing the scupture . He’s an artist , who ever pays him or her the most gets the sight of something that most likely never existed .

    As a Christian I am NOT Catholic so when I hear Catholics BOAST of The Shroud of Turin I LAUGH . You wouldn’t understand , trust me.

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    Kyle O'Connor


    Firstly Joseph, the word is “seen.” As in “have you ever SEEN a monkey transform into a man like Darwin believed it would?”

    Well. Of course not. But no one ever actually saw Adam or Eve be the first human beings. Nor would Mr.Pete there have seen Jesus walking about town and doing his Jesus-y things. There are written articles about it of course (IE: the Bible). However that’s been contested countless times and, rationally, misinterpreted many hundreds of years ago because it was a word of mouth story eventually written down. So that’s not scientific, by dictionary terms.

    What I find startling is that you say you laugh at relics like the Shroud of Turin. You’re fighting a room full of open minded, infidels and calling out the theory of evolution? Surely you’d rather use something like that as evidence to support your beliefs and thus claim rather then dismiss it like that.

    That’s the thing about faith. By nature it’s blind. Many established religious organizations, though particularly in Christianity, enforce this idea that everything must be taken on faith and looking for answers or questioning anything makes you a bad person, don’t do it or you might die! That might have been an amazing belief system 1000 years ago when we were fending lions from our gates and stemming the tide Germanic barbarians war parties but it just doesn’t cut it now. Just because some is part of a church or a spiritual leader doesn’t excuse them from proof. If we just accept what is told to us, any kind of religious tale become as factual as any Brother’s Grimm fairytale. And when you are dealing with something as basic in our human lives as our understanding of our place in the universe? When you start making someone have to think about that when they’ve been so comfortable believing something? Well then you’re crossing into dangerous waters. Because then you’re questioning their fundamental reason to live. Some people are comfortable with the idea that nothing is there, that everything is a fluke. But for people who need that to stabilize themselves? For people who know they’ll accomplish nothing to keep their memories after their dead? Well…that’s just a little terrifying, isn’t it?

    The point of science isn’t to disprove anything or lie about religion, like Ray Comfort seems to believe. It’s terribly vain to even start thinking that scores of scientists are working night and day to make you and your fellows feels like shit. It’s finding out what’s really going on, and what has really happened, that’s important. Perhaps that’s all part of God’s plan?

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    Ryan Elston

    Saying that we are going to war with theists my be counterproductive. All I see is that rallying up there base. I’m all for change, but tact should be used. The real dialogue we should be having is about the most effective way to reach our goal. Crying war is a great way to get ourselves demonized.

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    That joseph dunnam guy is just as big a moron as ray comfort! What is a christian doing on an atheist website anyway LMAO?

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    Karty Kredytowe

    Great Post. I add this Post to my bookmarks.

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    David Simmons

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the Christian Right. Joseph Dunham (above) illustrates the accuracy of that statement better than I ever could. I am in his debt.

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