On the idea that vaccines cause autism

I ran across this video recently, and I thought you guys would really appreciate hearing from a real scientist what the evidence tells us about the supposed correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism. The videos (part 2 after the jump) are well written, well illustrated, and well narrated. If there are any doubters left (aka Bill Maher), let them watch this video and be done with this nonsense!

(props to Camels with Hammers for the find)

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    Not that it needed to be explained, but yeah, there you have it on a plate. Those claims are bullshit.

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    I’m actually surprised Bill Mahar is anti western medicine. I figured he’d be smarter than that.

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    Just because you agree with somebody, that doesn’t mean they’re smart. Bill can be pretty dumb.

    And just because somebody’s smart doesn’t mean they’re worth agreeing with. I give you Dennis Miller: smarter than Bill, but also wrong.

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    I too am disappointed to discover Bill is anti-vaccination. I loved Religulous, and was pleased to hear that he stood up to 911 conspiracy loons recently. I also notice he has links to the rather dubious PETA organisation.

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