Another missing link found

Yes, I well aware there is no such thing as the “missing link”, which is precisely why I put it in quotations. Evolution isn’t like a chain; rather it’s more like a very big tree with a many branches stretching out in different directions. Now, thanks to an international researcher team (doesn’t that just sound so damn cool?), we have an even better glimpse as to what one of those “branches” may have looked like. The species, known as Ardipithecus ramidus, is roughly 4.4 million years old, and it’s providing scientists with a glimpse of light on a stage of human evolution about which little was previously known.

The bones were actually discovered in 1992, but it took almost 20 years to piece everything together. Yes, science takes that long sometimes, but hey, you need time to get it right! Ardi is like a snapshot in time; we can tell from her bone structure that her features were very similar to ours (contrary to what we used to believe). Neither chimp or human, Ardi sits somewhere in the middle, a reminder that not so long ago, we looked very different than we do today.

So, which creationist wants to explain away this fucking fossil? Are they going to ask for yet another transitional form? How much more evidence do they need before they stop believing in a book of fairy tales? My guess: never.

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    Richard Feinburg

    Creationist will alway say, there is now 2 new missing link that science didn’t find yet.

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    Creationists will say that it’s just one of the species of ape that Noah carried on his giant ark, and it happened to die out. The 4.4 million date is false as instances of radiometric and carbon dating have been shown to be incorrect, and since Creationists believe that something must be infallible to be right… well, you see my point. That’s what they’ll say. That’s what they’ll always say.

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    The Big Blue Frog

    They’ll just say it was put there by God to confuse us or test our faith. Either that, or they’ll pick apart the lives of everyone on the research team, to find out which ones of them cheated on their taxes or downloaded internet porn.

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    They’ll say “gawd put it there!”

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    Nice titties. Am I right???

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    This is all bullshit. Kirk Cameron is 100% right – show me a Crocoduck, dammit!

    Besides, you know what happens when we discover something that fills a gap: morons claim there are now two gaps.

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