Glenn Beck blames gang violence on atheism, and Obama

Here Glenn decides random and isolated acts of violence have, as their root cause, a secular leaning. In the video a young man is tragically beaten and killed. In Beck’s eyes, he sees too few tears in the eyes of witnesses, something he blames on the fact young people are less religious than they used to be. Even Beck admits he has no idea what’s happening in this video, but it certainly doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the subject. He goes on a long tirade about how the fact people can’t pray in school, and that therefore the sanctity of human life is compromised.

I love how serious he is about this accusation. Ignore the fact it has no basis in reality for a moment; he’s talking to the same demographic that doesn’t mind the death penalty, or thinks that killing abortion doctors isn’t a crime. Belief in God certainly doesn’t make a person respect human life anymore than unbelief does. At the end of the day, are you really sure you want to play that card, Beck? How many staggeringly cruel acts of violence are perpetrated specifically in the name of religion?

It’s also interesting to note that he also ties in Barack Obama in there, as though the President is somehow responsible for this happening. Conservatives can’t stop sucking Reagan’s dick, but as soon as a “colored man” is in the highest office of the land, any positive mention of the guy and they all collectively lose their minds. It’s telling, really.

**NOTE** YouTube superstar Thunderf00t put up a great response to the video. Check it out.

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    Glenn Beck is a class-act clown.

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    Maybe Beck’s right that we do not value human life, that is why the republicans don’t want a public option. Who cares about the public?

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    What a dickhead, trying to use that kid’s death as an excuse for his false god. He clearly hasn’t even read the bible.

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    Richard Feinburg

    I would bet you that all the kids in the fight believe in god and more than half go to church. It’s just a cheap shot to say that if we have more Christianity in government then less of this will happen. What Beck does not understand is that in poorer areas there will be more violence then places where there is more money. I can understand why many don’t response Glenn Beck.

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    Glenn Beck if flat out retarded.

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    I thought that it was difficult to watch this video. Difficult because this man has the audacity to connect this regrettable happening to God and Atheists, it seemed or at least it did to me that Glen Beck was using this video to forward his own an agenda or maybe to increase ratings within a certain demographic. From my perspective it seemed that he was himself repulsively indifferent to the murder, he never mentioned the grief that maybe being felt by the victim’s family or friends or of information concerning ways that the viewers can help.

    As the video continued I felt a range of emotions starting with empathy, sadness, frustration and anger. Glen was exploiting the incident and never stopped to allow the audience to take in what he was talking about, but instead pushed the issue of God and Country. Why can he understand THAT WE ARE MOVING FORWARD and NOT living in the past where the once prevalent ideals and teaching of the religion were at home now Centuries later more and more of us are understanding that these teachings for the most part are incompatible with the Modern Human let alone a Community or the Entire world for that fact.

    Glen never considered that the bystanders may have been in complete and utter shock, that these individuals were not trained to evaluate the situation properly, they were a blank because they thought this would be another less than innocent brawl amongst peers, that they were worried they MAY BE BLAMED. How many times can any of us say that we have been a first class party to an incident like this?

    IS THAT MAN NO LESS THAN IGNORANT, what really disturbed me while watching this clip was that Glen was offended that the bystanders around the Camera where just watching (which is dually noted as wrong) but he went so far as to comment that they should have become part of the conflict and defended him. I agree that they should have gone for help, contacted EMS or proper authorities but if they had interjected the conflict could have escalated farther than it was at that point, their might have been a gun or a knife in and amongst that crowd the possible number of those dead or left injured could have been more.

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    So… USA is doing well because of the goodwill of god? And I allways thought it was because USA has exploited the weaker parts of the world at gunpoint since before it was founded…

    And I wonder why the scandinavian countries are doing so well then, as they are the most atheistic countires there is.

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    What a bunch of liberal bottom feeders you all are.

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