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Hey guys, I still don’t have enough mailbag questions to fill an entire show. If I can’t get a few more, I’ll have to wait until next week for the Bonus Show. If you want a question answered, just put it in the comments! Don’t forget for you non-members: if you ask a question, the bonus show is free for you!

**NOTE** Ok, I think we have enough. I’ll record and post up the bonus show tomorrow afternoon. Sorry about the delay; it’s not an easy task to do a show alone. I suppose it just feels weird talking to yourself out loud, but with all your great questions it should be a breeze.

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    inventor and master of paymium at work here folks

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    What do you do when asked to participate in something religious, from the minor (grace, or someone says “God bless”) to the major (eg Christmas mass)

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    What exactly is in it for me to try to convince these people that what I believe is true? Sometimes I become an apathist and just stop caring to try. What is in it for me to fight against the brick walls?

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    Richard Feinburg

    I would like to see some debate with some Christians on the show. But that would mean that you would need to do more research about the subject then just winging it.

    My question is; Do you think believe in make some people do unjust things because a maker tells them or just that believing in unprovable things is what they do so?

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    We know of crazy Christians saying wacky shit, but have you encountered any Atheists that are clueless? Irrational? Crazy even?

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    Sometimes when I debate people on message boards about God/evolution they occasionally respond w/ something ostensibly intelligent and scientific. Sometimes I look into what theyre saying and respond, and sometimes, if it’s really long-winded, I say fuck it – I know they’re wrong and I’m not going to spend an hour or so researching what they’re talking about… Like the creating new genetic material through mutations argument. It’s silly and I don’t feel like researching something I can argue w/ common sense.

    I guess my question is– when presented with the overwhelming evidence of scientific data they cant explain, do you think most believers say “fuck it I don’t feel like looking into this, I know I’m right” like I do w/ the mutations argument? Is laziness and intellectual non-curiosity the reason most people still believe in God?

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