Since Ryan is still in Tennessee and Jeff is currently working his 9-5 job, I thought it might be fun if I made this week’s bonus show a Mailbag episode. That means anyone who wants to ask a question can do so right here in the comments. Now, in case you aren’t a member and dislike the idea of asking a question without the ability to listen to the answer (since the bonus podcast is for patrons only), the deal is if you ask a question, you get the show for FREE. So don’t be shy and email us your questions or comments now!

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    Honestly, you would have to pay me to listen

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    Jacob Fortin

    Apparently no one has to pay you to be a douchebag. lol

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    Postman Pat!!

    You should do the show naked since you’ll be alone, or maybe you do that anyway (?)

    And if Ryan is in Tennesseland, then who’s looking after his cat? You? That doesn’t bode well. Probably going to shit on you while you do your podcast.

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    I hear you talk about your book a lot on the show, and I’m a fairly new listener, so I’m not really familiar with what your book is going to be about. You can choose any number of other (especially recent) atheist authors (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris) and they have great ideas and make great points about various aspects/topics. Where is your book going to fill a gap that’s missing in the literature? What about your book is going to make it something worth taking off the shelf at the bookstore and displaying on my shelf at home?

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    I don’t know if this is the type of question you’re looking for, but I was wondering how you deal with Christmas. Do you celebrate it as a secular holiday, or just ignore it all together? Also, what about when you’re at a meal and someone wants to say grace – how do you react?

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    I’m sort of interested in how you got started in all this (starting the podcast, starting the website). I recall a post saying you’ve been posting to the site for over 3 years? What made you start?

    Were you raised religious or religious at some point in your life?

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    Also, with all of its Atheism, is YouTube an invention of the devil?

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    There’s atheists, there’s skeptics, there’s agnostics, there’s humanists… what’s the difference?

    And why is there such a divide between atheists and agnostics over Bill Maher? Apparently, he doesn’t believe in western medicine. What do you think?

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    Roxanne R

    Ooooh! oooh! How about mentioning what a douche-bag MikeO is then maybe he’ll want to pay to listen? ;-)

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    You get to go for cocktails with two famous atheists one living and one dead. Who do you pick? Late in the evening the three of you get into a heated discussion that leads to a fist fight. What sparks it? Who wins?

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    What theist arguments do you personally find the most compelling?

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    Luke Burrage

    Some questions:

    What do you think about Christmas? What kind of things do you get from the holiday as an atheist? I ask because I heard about this book: and I might pick up a copy at the weekend.

    What do you think about skeptical conferences like TAM and TAM London? Do you think social events for atheists and similar groups is a good or bad thing? If there was a “Canadian Atheists Camp” would you consider attending? How about if you were invited as a guest?

    Luke B.

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    I couldn’t find your email anywhere, so I’ll just post it right here.

    Considering that the Atheist/Agnostic (aka “The Nones”) demographic is growing exponentially larger with each new census, and that there was one brave Representative that officially declared his atheism back in 2007, how do you think the oath of office will, if at all, change and/or be administered in later years of the early 21st century? Also, do you think that the chance of an atheist congressman or, dare I say it, president will grow larger within the next 15-20 years?

    I’ve been searching for how Rep. Stark’s (D-CA) oath of office was administered after his re-election in 2008, but I can’t seem to find any information upon it. I’m particularly interested in this question due to my hopes to become a politician later in life.

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    Where do you think Christianity or the three major Abrahamic religions will be far in the future? Say….5000 years from now. Will Jesus, Mohammad, and Moses be placed in the same category as Ra, Zeus, or Athena? It almost seems inconceivable.

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