Ned Flanders vs evolution

This was probably the last episode of the Simpsons that anyone really cared about, so enjoy!

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    Hahaha! That was fantastic.

    The catholic church has for a long time been a fan of the simpsons… the first hiccup was the episode featuring a homosexual physical relationship between homer and himself. This is sure to put the nail in the coffin of that friendly relationship… and rightfully so. A poignant satire of the current educational atmosphere in the USA. Bravo

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    Thanks, watched the whole thing

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    “What will it be, belief or science?”

    “Ummm…” **Runs away and jumps on the trampoline**

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    Zombie Jesus

    Actually, we already know that God doesn’t exist thanks to Homer. In the episode where Homer becomes smart after getting a crayon removed from his brain, he mathematically proved that there was no God while trying to draft a flat-tax proposal.

    Flanders, in a typical move by Christians when undeniable evidence comes to light, takes out a lighter and burns the paper. To which Homer is already placing photocopied flyers of the mathematical proof on windshields of parked cars.
    (Not sure how to create the hyperlinks…I suck)

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    The Big Blue Frog

    I love the “What a fool believes” soundtrack.

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    I think my favorite episode of The Simpsons relating to religion is when Flanders tries to baptize the Simpson kids.

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