Catholic Church sued for vilifying woman seeking abortion

Who’s that guy who said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? Was it Jerry Garcia or something? Oh no wait, I remember now; it was Jesus. Personally I find the guy’s morality to be somewhat limited (in the Bible he comes off as a big time racist), but this particular moral lesson is something the Catholic Church has never really fully understood. They don’t mind crucifying individuals they perceive as evil, even when it’s just a woman trying to get an abortion to save her own eyesight.

A Polish court has awarded $11,000 (7,400 euros) in damages to a woman likened to a child killer by a Catholic magazine for wanting an abortion. The article also compared abortion to the experiments of Nazi war criminals at Auschwitz.

It’s apparently incredibly difficult to get an abortion in Poland, and the reason Alicja Tysiac needed the procedure was because her vision was deteriorating as a result of her pregnancy. The doctors still refused to give her one, and now the woman is practically blind. The Church did everything in their power to paint her as a monster, and now they have to pay damages.

Just another example of the lengths these guys will go to prevent women from getting abortions. Well, I guess you can’t molest a kid if he’s never born, right?

Catholic Church sued for vilifying woman seeking an abortion.

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    I can’t be arsed writing an agreeing comment of my own, so i’ll quote some comedians instead.

    George Carlin: “These people aren’t pro-life! They’re anti-woman!”

    Bill Hicks: “You’re not a human until you’re in my phone book.”

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    Bastard Soap

    So eyesight is worth only 7.4k euros??!
    The people who arranged this sum should be blinded and awarded the same wad of cash. This sum is just insulting.

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