Preachers continue to pray for Obama’s death

I find it strange that Christians believe their religion gives them moral superiority over others. In their deluded minds, they believe the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ are the foundations of our modern (ethical) society. Never mind the fact the same book was used to justify all kinds of atrocities, from genocides to slavery; that was ages ago! Those people weren’t real Christians, and there’s no way anyone reading the Bible could possibly get it wrong, right?

Here’s an interesting article from a person of faith deriding the slew of preachers who have prayed publicly for the death of President Obama. The author believes these acts of barbarism set a dangerous and deadly precedent, and their religion is vulnerable to manipulation of the few relative extremists who use their pulpit to promote their bigotry and racism.

I agree that these kinds of preachers need to be stopped, but her solution to this problem, prayer, is quite literally the most useless thing anyone can do. I understand her frustration. It’s quite impossible for Christians to properly put their extremist factions in their place; after all, fundamentalists rely on a literal approach to reading the Bible. Theological arguments can’t be settled because they aren’t based on anything real or objective. While it’s nice to know there are plenty of Christians who find this kind of hate speech aberrant, we seriously need them to do more than just pray. You people are aware that it doesn’t do shit, right?

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    I actually came up with an idea, as regards Wiley Drake and the other divers crazies. If they honestly believe prayer works, they’ve committed a crime- in their heads, they have willingly hired a contract killer to assassinate the president. The fact that the killer is going to renege on this contract (in this case by virtue of, you know, not existing) is irrelevant. It is illegal to hire a person to kill another person, regardless of whether the hired hand does his or her job.

    You guys talked about how this relates to hate speech in free podcast 52 (I’m pretty sure?), but if they sincerely believe prayer works, it is no different than if I sincerely believed I’d willingly paid some dude with a big coat and funny accent to kill the president.

    So these people should be presented with two options. They should first be arrested. If they claim to believe in the efficacy of prayer, they should be tried and jailed as though they’d hired a contract killer. If they claim to NOT believe, they should be released without further penalty, PROVIDED they make a public (or perhaps even televised) statement where they state, clearly and concisely, that they don’t believe in the efficacy of prayer.

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    I think I’m in love with this Jon fellow. +1 to what he said!

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    I respectfully disagree. Praying might help, if it is done in public. It sends a message of “you are completely alone, not even people who are generally leaning towards your side are with you on this one”. That’s not what I prefer, but if it’s all I can get, I’ll take it any time.

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    The Big Blue Frog

    This is what I keep saying! These preachers who are praying for their political enemies to die just have a better understanding of the Bible than their milktoast brethren. They know their god is a vengeful, angry and jealous god!

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