Christians complain that media gives too much attention to atheism

Let’s imagine for a moment this news story was actually about Judaism and not atheism. How offensive would it be to hear two Christians worried that the media was giving the religion too much positive spin. Not only would they be lambasted as bigots, they would have never even been allowed to run the story.

I’ll admit that the coverage of atheism has been pretty strong recently, and I can tell that Christians are feeling the backlash. Sure, only a small percentage of Americans are unbelievers, but you have to consider the fact that a good number of them are more educated and literate than their religious counterparts. Is it really seem that surprising that the more you know, the less likely you are to believe in ancient myths?

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    87% of americans believers? Really? That’s a lot.

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    What’s really telling is the flippant remark about only 8% of the population being atheists. That’s a significant portion by any count.

    Is anyone really surprised a right-wing christian think tank thinks there is too much atheism on air?

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    “It rained that day.” Thank jeebus the news teams were there to report on that remarkable event.

    They wonder why religious bullshit doesn’t get more coverage. It’s not that interesting!

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    This is from CBN. They lie about literally everything. They’re just a more constipated version of FOXNEWS.

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    Well that didn’t even make me angry, it was just incredibly dull! What was the point of that story, anyone?
    Looks like a slow news day at CBN.

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    Richard Feinburg

    The Culture & Media Institute is a Christian base resource center.

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    So the Christians are upset because athiesm is represented in the national media, or because it’s being represented without hatred? I suspect the latter.

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