The Good Atheist 093

Can you believe we’re at number 28 already? Man, time sure flies by when you’re having fun! This week, my special guest Jeff Jones is here to talk about Kirk Cameron and his plan to distribute thousands of altered copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species, and the annoyance who is Carrie Prejean.

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    Thanks Jeff for filling in while Ryan is away. Good show guys.

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    I had forgotten Dawkins new book came out. I might have to check it out.

    The lactose intolerance, milk bigotry thing was hilarious!

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    Richard Feinburg

    The Creation movie didn’t get pick up at the festival because studios are now going just want blockbuster movies only. Only one movie at the festival got pick up and Creation movie was not that one.

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    Oscar Ames

    Hey guys,

    I’ve sent my paypal payment like 1 week ago, and still no acces to bonus podcast.

    please guys I really enjoy your shows and I am looking forward to listen to all of them

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    Oscar Ames

    I am sorry guys!! it was my my mistake.

    please erase the above message

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