Teen rejects HPV vaccine on moral grounds

If you want to be a citizen of the US, you have to get vaccinated for a variety of diseases. It makes sense, but something as simple as a shot never seems to go very smoothly in that country. Take the example of Simone, a young woman from the UK trying to get an American citizenship. The government wants her to be vaccinated for HPV, but she has refused saying as a devout Christian, she will not be having sex, and therefore doesn’t need the vaccine. She’s essentially refused to take it purely on moral grounds.

I’m not even going to use the argument that good christian girls are actually more likely to engage in risky sexual activity; for all I know, maybe she is serious about this (and she might also be a minger; I don’t know). That’s not the damn point. The point is statistically she has a very good chance of contracting it (roughly 80% of women risk contracting it by the time they turn 50), and cervical cancer is no fucking joke, and yet her backwards religious belief is making her take a stance against protecting her own health.

The grandmother and teen make it sound as though getting a vaccination is equivalent to being waterboarded; it’s well within the right of the US government to want prospective citizens to take the necessary precautions to ensure their good health, and the health of others. Worldwide, cervical cancer still kills nearly half a million people a year. Does that seem like a small number to you?

This same kind of protest is happening all the time with this vaccine, which is not only annoying but also discouraging. How many women will die or lose the ability to have children all because of their stupid conviction that the vaccine somehow “encourages” promiscuity. No offense people, but one hardly needs an excuse to want to fuck all the time. We’re kind of engineered that way.

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    She may be a saint until her wedding night, but what’s to say her new husband was? HPV is very contagious, and there have been studies showing it can be contracted just by genital contact, not necessarily intercourse. It can even be spread with the use of a condemn. What if she is raped? You can still live in your blinded brainwashed christian world and get a vaccine to protect yourself from a horrible cancer.

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    Well, cancer isn’t contagious, so let her be an idiot if she wants. I say let her refuse the vaccine and we’ll let natural selection take its course. The world would be better off without someone like this polluting the gene pool anyway.

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    Jacob Fortin

    cancer may not be contagious, but HPV sure is, and she’s likely to become a carrier if you look at the stats.

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    On another topic, men contract HPV as well, though it’s rarely symptomatic. I’m wondering why we don’t vaccinate all young (or virgin) males as well as all young (or virgin) females. Surely that could only help the battle

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    I say deny her entry! The last thing we need here is another wacky christian

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    Its too bad men are so small brained about sex, cuz they would be smart to ask before sex if the girl was examined and had her shots.
    I saw one of those bad SciFi movies once where the STD were so bad that no one had sex without showing health papers. It wont be long if not now that it should be done. One of my GI buds was fanatic about not touching Vietnam girls, got back to the states, had sex with a good xtian girl and got two different STDs.
    But I like Jim’s thought why don’t men get the shot if they can be carriers?????

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    Doh! Forgot about the virus itself.

    Yeah, let’s definitely keep her out then. We have enough lunatics here at the moment without importing more of them.

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    Look I’m no religious moron anti-vaxer, however, there has been a lot of people with scientific knowledge that seriously question the safety of this vaccine, not to mention the swine flu vaccine. No matter what grounds she makes her decision on however, it’s her decision. I’m so sick of this judgemental bullshit that I hear everywhere. The fact is that scientists, and pharmaceutical companies suck at informing the customer WHY they should vaccinate against something, WHAT the vaccine does, and what the risks are, because no fucking drug is really safe.

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    Man the girl in the photoo is hot. I’d love to give her HPV.

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