Non-religious demographic keeps growing

Man, it feels good to be an atheist. Sometimes I get the feeling that the movement really is getting a lot of momentum. It’s probably the best time in the history of mankind to be a non-believer. Have you ever seen as much support and dialog on the subject? What a unique time in history we live in!

And if it isn’t atheism that’s growing, it’s the trend of abandoning religion. According to this article in USA today, almost 22% of adults ages 18-29 describe themselves as non-religious. If this trend continues, “Nones” as this article puts it, will be one of the largest demographics in the US.

The irony here is there is indeed a way this irreligious trend could be halted; the US government could allow more immigrants into the US, particularly from Mexico or South American countries, since their populations share the same basic religious beliefs. Of course, we all know how likely that is, so until wealthy white Americans stop being afraid of “brown” people, they are unlikely to halt the tide of secularism that is slowly gaining power.

The future is bright, people!

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    I’m just curious to hear what everyone’s thoughts are as to what percentage of “nones” will it take for a mojor shift in attitude to occur. Mainly, at what level will we stop hearing about religion as the be-all-and-end-all social structure?

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    1) Non-religious could also refer to many people who believe & worship a god, but don’t necessarily go to church or have an organized faith system. I know many New-Age folks who are highly ‘spiritual’ but claim not to have religion.

    2) Despite the growing numbers of the non-believers, we’re still the least trusted minority in the US.

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