But my Bible says…

I have to control my rage every time I see one of these speakers actively deceive their audience out of the stupid conviction that by teaching them the Bible, they are going to make better citizens (the opposite seems to be true). Here he is trying to explain that the T-Rex, despite it’s massive and sharp teeth, was in fact a plant eater. He had to try and be convincing because even the little kid realizes something that sharp and deadly is used for more than eating fucking leaves.

Count the amount of times this moron says “but my Bible says” before raping science. It’ll make you want to throw up.

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    Really liked the Motorhead part \m/ Surprised me though. :-)

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    Gentleman lundquistington

    HEY HEY HEY, wait one minute here mister, are you saying that the T-Rex didn’t eat plants? and that it used those LARGE sharp teeth for eating meat …. hmmmmm sounds shaky, I’ll expect a report on my desk by Monday on why I shouldn’t sacrifice you to Khorne.

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    Bastard Soap

    I’d love to pit this sorry excuse for a primate against one of those “plant eating” T-rex.

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    What do you expect, his picture of a skull is from Answers in Genesis.

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    He reminds me of Kermit the frog.

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    wow. The best part of this entire video was the motorhead song :)

    that guys a moron. Looks like he’s at a “vacation bible school” that churches hold for children to teach them bullshit like this.

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    Arik Jones

    What he is teaching is both biblically and scientifically wrong.

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    The Big Blue Frog

    At some point, feeding misinformation to impressionable kids becomes child abuse.

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    they brainwash them at such an early age these days

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    Just Some Guy

    Very informative. If you’re a 6-year old.

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    “There was no meat-eaters.”
    Of course he’s educated.

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    Andrew Skegg

    My 6 year old would not fall for this crap, and neither do I.

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    Zombie Jesus

    That was awesome. By his second piece of “evidence” the kids are already onto his scheme, so they say it doesn’t look like a carnivore or “meat-eater” as it were. Then he has to backtrack to try and convince them that it does look like one and then prove that it isn’t one so that by extension his previous hypothesis about the Tyrranosaurus is correct. Therefore, if a Tyrranosaurus being a herbivore is correct (that is, ONE dinosaur) then they all must have been herbivores that looked and pooped deceptively like carnivores. OMG the Bible is right after all!

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex is a herbivore.
    2. Bible says that all animals started off as hebivores.
    3. ??????????????????????????
    4. An omnipotent/omniscient deity exists.

    I think we missed a step in his reasoning.

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