The Ray Comfort Challenge

By now most of you have already seen quite a few of these Ray Comfort videos, and I thought it might be fun to get you to try and identify all of the stupid and uneducated fallacies Ray makes. Let’s start off simple: At minute 1:03, he asks whether or not the first land animal was male or female. It’s just another variant of the “chicken and the egg” question which might still fool a 3rd grader, but certainly isn’t a compelling argument for anyone with a basic understanding of evolution.

So, what other moronic shit can you point out?

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    “God gave us six senses. The sixth sense is common sense. That’s what atheists and evolutionists lack.”

    …So either atheists and evolutionists aren’t people, or they weren’t made by god.

    I also love how he said atheists believe nothing made something, but they won’t admit it because it’s intellectually embarrassing. Then he says on their website they have videos from physicists and Harvard and Animal Planet saying something came from nothing.

    IMO, Ray Comfort is a classic case of somebody that thinks he’s much smarter than he is. It’s a phase that probably everybody goes through, but most outgrow it in their teenage years. The “I don’t need to learn anything because everything is obvious to me” phase. That’s why he goes on TV and trips all over himself, because he doesn’t think about what he’s going to say.

    I wish somebody would make some videos like the one at the beginning. “Disproving” science because idiots can’t explain it. There’s plenty of accepted scientific theories that can’t be explained by ordinary people.

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    well at least this tripe isn’t being peddled on the major networks (yet).

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    Sorry, but I find Ray Comforts trick question interview technique too frustrating for words. Whilst the religionists would be applauding Rays smart arse questions, and the inability of his victims to answer them satisfactorily, I just think he is so underhand that it makes me spit.

    The problem is that you can’t even debate with him, he just doesn’t want to explore beyond his simple belief system, as we saw when he and Thunder00t had their debate.

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    Jacob —

    FYI, there seems to be a problem with the RSS feed. Posts with YouTube videos used to display inline with each post, but now posts come through with no indication that there is a video embedded (confusing, because it’s not always easy to tell if the post is about a video or just a text-only post)

    Google Video and other images seem to embed normally.

    (I’m using Google Reader)


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    Richard Feinburg

    He can’t get the facts correct. Darwin’s daughter died at the age of 10 not 12. He was not a bitter man or was he an Atheist. He was a racist but at that time period most of the people were racist. Darwin was less of a racist because evolution shows that we were human.

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    Can someone punch this guy already? I can’t tell you how fucking insulting it is for someone to tell you what you think when they don’t know what you think! His phrase “Atheists believe everything came from nothing” is the worst. YES, we say the universe requires an explanation, but we don’t want to be lazy and throw “GOD” on the question because that’s intellectual laziness.

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    Just Some Guy

    Ugh, it’s always so disheartening to listen to Ray Comfort speak. Here we are all trying to appeal to his intellect, while he instructs Christians to ignore the Atheist’s intellect and “focus on their heart.”

    So – basically – this is never going to work out between us, is it Ray? :\

    I can’t believe he pulled out his ‘god-given will to live” line again. Why does he think that is strong? It’s weaksauce. Worms, rats, bacteria – even snakes have will to live, Ray – did god also give it to them?

    It’s also really weird to me how he always tries to dispute evolution first, then immediately turns that into an argument about cosmological origin – as if evolution has anything to do with it. o.^

    When he talks about dogs not being able to find a mate because they don’t have eyes yet, you just want to cry for him. I don’t think he’s malicious, I think he actually believes he’s right, so his arguments /must/ make sense.

    Is it just me, or is his book about as thick as a Dr. Seuss?

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    He’s got to stop with that painting and painter nonsense – didn’t he realize that his argument was flawed the minute he made it on that dateline debate. He’s going to win over a lot of people through conscience and compassion by calling atheists ‘unintelligen’ and ‘fools’.

    And for it to be a legal transaction, both parties would have to enter into it willingly; it sounds a lot more like blackmail – which is far from righteous.

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    This guy makes my skin crawl and my ears bleed. I wonder if he thinks his arguments are good, or if he deep down knows all he has is to lean on is his own personal blind faith. Is he realy as dense as he seems, or is he smart enough to have found a way to make money and pulicity by stating faulty logic to gullible people?

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