Carrie Prejean “highlights”

Trust me when I say there isn’t much to highlight when it comes to bigots. If you still don’t think she is one, just try to imagine her as old, overweight and fat. Then you’d probably want to crucify her, but because she’s so goddamn beautiful, the hateful shit that comes out of her mouth doesn’t have the same impact.

She’s speaking here at a conservative “Value Voters” submit, which is everything you might expect it to be. In this speech, she prides herself on holding a bigoted view of homosexuals and the right for people to marry whomever the fuck they want. Yes Carrie, feel proud that you try and deny people the same basic rights you enjoy. Hurry, go make the world safe again for rich white people!

She also believes few people are as courageous and brave as herself. You’ve been through so much, maybe someone should give you a medal or something!

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    Andrew Skegg

    Carrie, will you be the first to cast a stone to punish a homosexual for their sin of their sexuality? Bigoted, vile, air-headed, religious, hypocritical moron.

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    Wait everyone calm down, she only did it because God told her to. And we all know he knows what’s best :D


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    @ 2:30 – “It disgusts me, the way that some people can be so intolerant. It disgusts me.” She can’t be serious. How delusional do you have to be to see that your behavior and beliefs are not only bigoted and prejudiced – but also intolerant.

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    Jessica Sideways

    Unfortunately, she’s a talking barbie programmed with the hateful garbage of the right wing.

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